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Yalla Shabab (Let's go, youth!) 2021

Six Ursuline students virtually attended the “Yalla Shabab (Let's go, youth!) 2021: Adaptive Thinking, Changing Reality," virtual conference. Hosted by our sister school, The Ahliyyah School for Girls, in Amman, Jordan, the event was a tremendous learning and cultural experience.

There were three thematic areas:

  • An Integral Approach to Well-being
  • A New Chapter in Science and Technology
  • Future Skills to Shape Economies of Tomorrow

Students attended different sessions facilitated by local and global experts, engaged in student-led debates, and listened to a panel of experts discussing a topic related to the title of the conference.

16 schools were represented: 14 from Jordan, one from Germany, and Ursuline Academy of Dallas, the only school from the United States.

"It was a very fun and interesting event," said Nika Vahadi '24. "My favorite part was the keynote speakers. I really enjoyed the ones over Cyber Security and Neuroscience."

Looking back on the event, Jana Elawar '23 reflected on how much she learned about intriguing topics from accomplished professionals in their fields.

"Being interested in biology, biotechnology, and sociology, I found my niche attending the panels about the future of technology listening to PhD researchers explain their fields of work and endeavors to impart invaluable advice to us zealous students," she said.

Trisha Mainali '24 was honored to have the opportunity to represent UA at the conference. She participated in the debate along with Nikka.

"Through the debate, I was able to communicate with kids from Jordan and Germany as well as learn how a debate works and the role of the two different sides in a debate," she said. "While communicating with kids from other countries, I also realized how the perspectives of people differ worldwide."

Read more student reflections:

Madeline Tiffany '23
I learned a lot of useful information from the sessions, loved hearing from all the inspirational speakers, and enjoyed seeing all of the other students from Jordan. This week, I learned that confidence and high self-esteem is the key to success, and one should never live in a bubble of fear. Finally, I loved learning about the science behind mental illness and the different cultures of countries all around the world. Overall, I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend this conference to anyone who is interested in global relations.

Crystal Cantu '24
It was nice getting to see and meet people from different areas of the world who all share a love for cultures, science, and technology. My favorite part was listening to the keynote speakers. The session, "Jobs of the Future" inspired me and I also enjoyed hearing the student debates. The students were all extremely passionate and I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend.

Maddie Jarocki '24
My favorite session was "AI in Healthcare." It opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in technology in healthcare, a career I wish to pursue. I also enjoyed listening to a doctor who discussed his challenging youth and how he persisted through it, took chances, and because of this, is one of the most successful doctors in the Middle East. The biggest take away from this conference is that we should always learn and go outside our comfort zone to try and educate ourselves about other cultures and countries.