Ursuline News

Welcome to Our New UA Faculty & Staff

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the following new faculty and staff members to Ursuline:

  • Michael Alves, Computer Science
  • Mimi Bishop Bason, Chief Development Officer
  • Caroline Golson, English
  • Hannah Kilps, Athletics
  • Marie-Catherine Letendre, Theology
  • Patrick Lindsay, Science
  • Meghan MacLellan, English
  • Steven McKinnon, Science
  • Jenny Nai, World Languages
  • Jessica Ramirez, Math
  • George Rodriguez, English
  • Tanya Vasquez, Seminar/Life Skills
  • Catherine Tielkemeier, Math & Science
  • Virginia "Gina" Wallace, Events and Operations Manager
  • James Watson, English
  • Tracy Webb, English
  • Megan Ziegler, Student Support

Learn more about some of Ursuline's new employees!

A teacher for 28 years, Alves enjoys watching students express their creativity through learning coding skills. 

"As this is my first year at UA, I am excited about everything!" he said.

Bason previously worked at Ursuline from 2000-2016. 

"I am so excited to be back in the Ursuline community," she said. "Just in time to celebrate the sesquicentennial!"

For Golson, teaching English means exploring deeper parts of ourselves, others, and the world around us using the incredible vessel that is the English language.

This is her seventh year teaching, but her first at an all-girls' school. 

"I am most excited to meet my students and get to know the Ursuline community," she said.

This is Kilps' first year teaching. 

"As a practicing Athletic Trainer, I am excited to teach Elective Sports Medicine because I get to educate these young women about possible career paths in sports medicine that they can pursue in the future," she said. 

Letendre enjoys teaching Theology because it is a wonderful way to get to know her students, learn about their academic goals, and personalize their faith journey. 

Her teaching career spans 30+ years in a variety of subjects: French, Theology, Bioethics, Psychology, Graphic Design, and Calligraphy.

Science was Lindsay's favorite subject in school and he has been teaching since 1999. 

"I appreciate the opportunity to have the same positive influence on my students as my teachers had on me," he said.

McKinnon has an unbounded enthusiasm for science and its causes and effects. He has taught for nine years and has also been a professional tutor for 15 years. 

"I am excited to see the all-girls environment in action and I look forward to leading more young women into STEM as academicians and professionals," he said. 

Nai has been teaching for 11 years. 

She is excited to meet all of her students and loves teaching her subject because "I enjoy fulfilling my students' curiosity and letting them have the joy of learning and a sense of accomplishment."

Ramirez has taught Math for nine years and enjoys helping students understand the "why" behind a math concept. 

"I love seeing their faces when they reach that 'Aha!' moment and all their work and numbers make sense," she said. 

She is excited to meet her students and help them learn as much as possible. "I can't wait to get to know them and teach them all about Algebra I and Geometry," she said.

After three years of practice at the university level, Rodriguez is excited for his first year teaching full time.

The best part of being an English teacher is getting to hear the wide range of perspectives and interpretations of a particular work," he said. "Seeing the same piece through different eyes is one of the coolest experiences. I also love getting to hear everyone’s unique ideas when they are in the writer’s chair. It’s so rewarding to help a student find their voice!"

Tielkemeier has been teaching for four years. 

"I love teaching Math and Physics because they allow us to accomplish some really awesome things on the planet!" she said.

Before Ursuline, Wallace spent 15 years in school Admissions. 

"I look forward to making new friendships with faculty and staff, seeing the students come to campus, and working Ursuline's events."

Watson loves the conversations that the English classroom lends itself to.

"There are so many interesting things that have been written about the world with so many unique perspectives," he said. "I love the opportunity that English classes have to unpack those perspectives and observations in the hopes of bettering the world that we live in."

This year at Ursuline will be his third year teaching a yearlong course.

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