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Ursuline's Annual Art Exhibit

By Reese Walsh '25, Communications Intern

Ursuline's annual Art Exhibit commenced on April 22, with dozens of art pieces on display in the Popolo Gallery through May 10.

The Art Exhibit is a cumulative end-of-year event designed to allow art students the opportunity to share their works.

When trying to figure out what message she wanted to convey in her art piece, Shelby Lovejoy '24 said, "I really wanted to portray something that people could connect to, whether that be fondness of a happy memory or uncertainty over what the future holds.”

For many, the creation of their art was an outward expression of their emotions.

“I’m a deeply emotional person, and I experience the world in a very intense and rich manner," said Mary Atwell '24. "I hope that there’s some connection to the stories in these pieces, and mutual understanding that we’re all experiencing this life for the first time together.” 

Other students used the opportunity to create as a means of self-discovery.

“I wanted to use my art to work through some of my emotions surrounding flying and all that it entails, which eventually led to my decision to pursue a career in aviation.” said Madeleine Marlowe ‘24.

And senior art student Gabriela Marques' advice to younger art students?

“Explore why you love what you do, whether it's the subject matter, the material, or the message," she said. "I feel like you learn a lot about yourself by investigating the relationship between yourself and your art.”