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Ursuline Participates in Ethics Symposium

On Wednesday, February 5, Personal Counselor Katy Valente and Campus Ministry Faculty Member Erika Keever, accompanied six Ursuline juniors to the 20th Annual Shelton School's Ethics Symposium hosted at the University of Texas in Dallas.

The symposium was a hands-on learning experience with distinguished professionals who discussed ethical decisions and valuable decision-making tools in various panel discussions.

Some of the speakers and panelist who presented ethical decision-making scenarios in their fields included Dr. Alicia Morgan, Vice President of Education and Programs at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, and Ane Sacks, Vice President and General Manager DLP Products at Texas Instruments. The Editor of the Dallas Morning News, Mike Wilson, was the conference’s keynote speaker.

Students had the opportunity to interact in small groups with their peers from various schools including Bishop Lynch, Parish Episcopal, Shelton, and the Episcopal School of Dallas. Some of the topics discussed included ethics and education, ethics and religion, and ethics and technology. Other activities included discussing real world-ethical dilemmas, dialogue on the importance of choices, and opportunities to develop leadership styles.

At the end of the day, students were challenged to continue to act with integrity and make the right decisions, even when they're not the popular one.

Junior Student Participants:

  • Claire Everbach
  • Savannah Flores
  • Theresa Hayes
  • Jacqueline Lee
  • Erin Torres
  • Marlene Weis