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Ursuline Academy Statement on Community & Inclusion

Dear Ursuline Family,

We are pleased to report that Ursuline has made significant progress in our important work in the area of Community & Inclusion as a school-wide priority. As outlined in our previous message to you last August, we have continued to work with our consultant of the past three years, Dr. Gene Batiste, who assists independent schools in their diversity, leadership, and Community & Inclusion work. An Ad Hoc committee of board members, administrators, faculty, parents, past parents, alumnae, and students was formed in the fall and worked to develop the following statement, unanimously endorsed by the Ursuline Academy Board of Trustees in November. We have recently shared the statement with our employees and in class meetings with Ursuline students:

Ursuline Academy of Dallas
Statement on Community & Inclusion

Grounded in our Catholic tradition and in the words of St. Angela, Ursuline Academy of Dallas celebrates, values, and respects the rich tapestry of humanity.

We desire for each student to feel that she is known and fixed in our hearts.

We strive for excellence in promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice.

We believe that all individuals experience the world through various dimensions such as age, ethnic heritage, religious tradition, gender, mental/physical ability, economic status, immigration status, education, family structure, body size/shape, race, sexual orientation, and more.

We create global citizenship by recognizing and cultivating our interconnectedness to each other and the greater global community.

We seek to identify and to challenge all forms of prejudice, discrimination, and injustice.

We, all members of the Ursuline Academy of Dallas community - students, faculty and staff, alumnae, administration, parents, family, and Board of Trustees - are responsible for the ongoing advancement of our inclusive community.

My last word to you is that you live in harmony, united together (Insieme) all of one heart and one will:  Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, esteeming each other, bearing with each other in Jesus Christ.” - St. Angela Merici

As St. Angela’s words make clear, we are continuing the vision set forth for us. The word Insieme is Italian for “together,” and this directive is at the core of our statement. We are committing together to ensure that Ursuline continues to grow as a school where all feel valued and welcomed.

In the months ahead, the Community & Inclusion Board of Trustees Subcommittee will meet to plan programs and actions which can join those already in place at Ursuline to fulfill our goals. We look forward to sharing those plans with you when this next step is complete.

Thank you for your support in making the work of inclusion a priority!

Yours in Christ,

Gretchen Z. Kane

Dr. Andrea Shurley