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Unveiling the 1974 Time Capsule

By Amelia Rowes '25, Communications Intern

Students kicked-off the Sesquicentennial & Founders Day Student Celebration on Friday, February 2, with a special UA Live broadcast to reveal a time capsule that had been buried 50 years ago by Ursuline students in 1974.

The broadcast was hosted by Ursuline students; Director of Mission & Heritage Sr. Lois Castillon, O.S.U.; and Head Librarian & Archivist Renee Chevallier who welcomed former Ursuline Principal Betty Bourgeois as well as seven Ursuline graduates who were students at the time of the 1974 time capsule burial: Judi Fontenot Pierre '74, Bee Webster Dietemann '75, Kathy Rix Hogan '76, Nancy Leamy Bowen '76, Nora Campos '77, Barbara Balisteri Koeijmans '79, and Patty Kutscher '74. 

Bourgeois oversaw the time capsule's dedication in 1974. The time capsule, a large PVC pipe, read: "Time capsule buried by students 1974 for students 2024."

"The very idea of a time capsule was student driven," she said. "I remember a great sense of celebration and joy as we gathered to bury it." 

The time capsule included a variety of items, such as the Ursuline Student Handbook for the 1973-1974 school year; uniform items like a white blouse, red cardigan, blue shorts, skirt, and jumper; The Dallas Morning News from March 15, 1974; and more.

Also within the time capsule was a letter from Bourgeois, addressed to the students of 2024:

"You are among the generations yet to come, a people yet to be born. We are glad your life is given you and are honored that you are spending some of that life at Ursuline. It is a place we know and love, a place where the Lord lives among us. Our hope tells us that there will be students yet to come- you who will enter Ursuline and will be taught to live the truth in love."

To keep the celebration going, there are plans to collect items for a 2024 time capsule.

Students of the Legacy Team, a team comprised of students and employees who helped plan the celebration day, will contribute items to the 2024 time capsule throughout the year.

Already, the 2024 time capsule contains the February 2, 2024, edition of The Dallas Morning News; 150th celebration lanyards from each class, and the most recent edition of Ursuline's The Bear Facts. A letter addressed to the Ursuline students of 2074 will also be added, detailing the hope that the students in 2074 are continuing the traditions of Serviam, Sisterhood, and Excellence.

The 2024 time capsule is to be sealed at the end of the 2023-2024 academic year with plans to be opened in 2074, when Ursuline will celebrate 200 years in Dallas.

Watch the 1974 time capsule unveiling (fast forward to the 3-minute mark).

View photos from the Sesquicentennial & Founders Day Student Celebration.