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Senior Directed One Acts

By Amelia Rowes '24, Communications Intern

Each spring, students in the Advanced Theatre class each direct a "One Act" Play of their choice. Students may either write their own or chose from a pre-written play.

Taught by Terri Ferguson, Advanced Theatre is a production class where the students have a hand in helping put on each of Ursuline's school year productions: two fall plays, a spring musical, and the student directed spring one acts. Advanced Theatre gives each student an understanding in all aspects of a production's necessities, from tech and stage design to performance. 

This year, eight members of the Class of 2024 directed shows and two were student written. 

Grace Arnott '24 began writing her One Act almost a year before it was performed. The biggest challenge she faced was casting her show. 

"I had to make an objective decision for a show from a director's perspective, and not as an author," she said.

She's grateful for the experience and opportunity to watch her script come to life, with the help of lighting and set designers, the crew, and the actors. 

Elizabeth Jiede '24 also wrote her own play. She loved spending time with her cast of actors and collaborating with them on directive choices. 

"Writing a show and then having the opportunity to bring it to life onstage was so incredibly rewarding," she said.

This year's Senior Directed One Acts took place April 18-20, 2024.