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Three Students Receive Wilkinson Center, "Kids Can Too!" Award

Kyla Allen '23, Grace Duncan '24, and Sophia Wren' 24 received Wilkinson Center's, "Kids Can Too!" Award on Monday, April 3, 2023.

From the 11th annual Wilkinson Center "Can Do!" Luncheon event program:

Ursuline Academy of Dallas students, Kyla, a senior, and Grace and Sophia, both juniors, decided in the spring of 2022 to take the Service Learning Experience elective course.

After learning about the seventeen UN Sustainability Goals, the girls wanted to focus on goal number two, Zero Hunger, and so they formed a group to tackle the issue locally. 

These girls researched the challenges of food insecurity and decided to partner with Wilkinson Center to find donors or programs to donated needed items. The girls have hosted a food drive for specific items the Center needs through Ursuline Academy's generous employees and are currently seeking out new partners.

The Academy's students and employees have worked together to advocate for Wilkinson Center school-wide, contributing gifts to the clients of the Center through Ursuline's Angel Tree Program each December, and on March 2, 2023, the students joined together to donate over 800 blessing bags to Wilkinson Center, consisting of needed, everyday items that we sometimes take for granted.

Ursuline is very proud to be a partner to Wilkinson Center, and the girls, especially Grace and Sophia, are excited to continue learning from the Center about the realities of food insecurity in Dallas.

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