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The Class of 2020 Lends a Helping Hand

It all started with a text.

After the tornadoes in Dallas hit this past October, the Class of 2020 GroupMe started buzzing about wanting to help the community in any way that they could.

They hoped to use their resources to help those who had lost theirs. A plan began to unfold.

Each year, the senior class raises funds for various amenities for their Snowball dance. However, this year, the class decided to donate funds raised to Thomas Jefferson High School’s Senior Prom.  

TJ was one of three Dallas ISD schools closed indefinitely and relocated after the tornadoes. Currently, they are operating out of Thomas Edison Middle Learning Center.

“What amazes me is how my class was willing to forego some of the normal amenities at our senior dance solely for the benefit of other students we didn't even know,” Senior Student Council member Sarah Pumphrey said. “We chose to have less just so their night could be that much more special and be an experience they would never forget.”

Her fellow council member Nikki Kanzler says her class is very excited to be able to help TJ. “We know how special prom is to us and we didn’t want other students to miss out on that experience,” she said.

Nikki and Sarah are both extremely proud of their class.

Nikki reflected that to her class, gifting the funds to TJ was being a part of a something bigger than themselves. It was being a part of a class who actively followed the “JOY” model: “Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last.”

Sarah agreed. “I was so touched and inspired as a class leader to see the group effort in wanting to give back to the community and in such a meaningful way.”

“This effort was 210 girls who wanted to help out the community,” Nikki said. “Everyone wanted to help, and we are all very excited to hear how the dance goes.”

Funds that the Class of 2020 raised will make the TJ Senior Prom more memorable with souvenir photo frames, gift bags, and decorations.

“The Class of 2020 of Ursuline Academy demonstrates the true spirit of Serviam,” said TJ History teacher Cathleen Cadigan, who attended Ursuline from 1984-1986. “Thomas Jefferson High School – our students, faculty, and staff, and especially our seniors – are so grateful for their support!”