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Summer Camps, Franchising, and Prosthetics...Oh My!

The Student Internship Program offers rising seniors the opportunity to gain real-world experiences in the workplace through exposure to a field of their interest paired with the guidance of a mentor. Participants acquire personal developmental growth, career awareness, and a better understanding of a professional workplace environment.

Lauren Goree ‘22 interned with the Dallas Arboretum’s Educational Department, assisting the weekly summer camps for kids program. Each camp was themed and ones she helped with included the Dino Camp, Chef Camp, Space Camp, and Gardening Camp.

“It was great interacting with the kids,” she said. “I learned so much about plants, animals, and our own planet!”

However, her favorite part? Seeing the kids and their own excitement with nature and science.

“I would see several of the same kids coming back for camps because we had such a fun time,” she said. “I was also fortunate to meet the people behind the intense curriculum and research of each camp.”

Helping them allowed her to see what all it took to keep the arboretum’s children’s educational sector alive.

At Sinelli Concepts International, a franchising company, Frances Villar ’22 learned what goes on behind the scenes of opening a new store and maintaining current ones.

Exploring different areas of franchising, she first started in the Development Department.

“The Development Department is there to ensure that everything is systematic,” she said. “Even regarding matters of clothing, the team is present, asking about the status of ordered uniform pieces and checking the details of the employee uniform to match company standards.”

She ultimately learned that success truly depends on time management in organization.

Another important lesson? Timeliness.

“Not only did I witness the impact and strength of timeliness, but I also saw the wonders of multitasking and what this skill allows a person to accomplish,” she said.

Her final takeaways:

There was an emphasis on solid and consistent communication, timeliness, preparedness, collaboration, professionalism, and open-mindedness.

“I am so grateful for this internship and every opportunity I received within it,” she said. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me!”

Jamie Lim ’22 spent her summer interning at Innovative Prosthetics, a company that creates leg and foot prosthetics, as well as braces.

For the past year, she has been exploring Biomedical Engineering as a possible major in college and while taking an online course, she learned the purpose of this field is to improve the quality of life.

“This internship reinforced this message and I loved contributing to the formation of someone’s prosthetic leg, knowing it would allow this person to walk and move more regularly,” she said.

During her time at Innovative Prosthetics, she was able to create her own socket with a design she chose. She felt empowered and had fun during the process - from pouring the plaster, to making the mold, to laminating the fabric onto the socket.

She also learned about the value of endurance.

“With my mentors' encouragement throughout the internship, I was able to complete tasks that had been out of my reach in the beginning,” she said.