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Subscribe to Dads Club Announcement Alerts

Subscribe to Dads Club Announcements

Alerts are generated by Announcement posts. Individual users must subscribe to receive Alerts using the following instructions.

While logged into the School Portal (note: not all subscriptions require a login to subscribe):

  • Visit the Dads Club webpage.
  • Under the "Announcement" tab, you will find a small yellow bell.
  • If you wish to subscribe to Dads Club announcements, then please select the yellow bell and add your email to receive the individual alerts to your email account when they are posted. 

What kind of news do you wish to receive? On each of the following pages, scroll down to the news area and select the yellow bell to fill out the information you wish to receive email alerts for:

Note: You will need to go to each of the individual pages listed above to subscribe to their alerts. 

Questions? Contact Aubree Auletta by email or phone (214-289-2683).