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Student Internship Program Reflections

The Ursuline Summer Internship Program offers personal development, life-skills mentoring, and career awareness through practical experience.

Three seniors who took part in the internship program shared their experiences below:

Nadia Day interned for The Power Group, a women-owned and run public relations firm in Dallas.

She researched, identified, and consolidated data in spreadsheets on micro-influencers who might be good strategic partners for the company.

“I learned that there is so much that goes on in the background in terms of research and hard work required to assist in building a brand and helping a client create a strategic partnership with social media influencers,” she said.

Her most memorable moment was trying her hand at creating a media pitch kit for Bone Daddy’s BBQ and Flour Power Cooking Studios.

“The experience allowed me to combine my communication and creative writing skills in a way that was concise and conveyed all the pertinent information,” she said.

“It was an awesome experience to be able to work with a company not only founded by an Ursuline alumna, but also meeting so many of the smart women that work there,” she said. “PR and marketing is interesting to me because it combines psychology, interpersonal skills, and excellent oral and written communication.”

She sees herself working in the PR arena one day, “I was lucky to have this opportunity to participate!”

Crystal Cantu spent her summer at Sinelli Concepts in downtown Dallas, a company that helps brand and innovate businesses such as Which Which and Paciugo.

“As an intern, I worked on updating prices for the Which Which menu, graphic design, and website design,” she said. “I also worked on YellowLAB, Sinelli’s virtual cashier system.”

Over the summer she loved learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

“My most memorable moment was going to Paciugo HQ and seeing how gelato is made and packaged,” she said. “I also got to taste test flavors for next year!”

She concluded, “This internship was amazing and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.”

Angelina DeVita shadowed Dr. Sarah Kong and her team at Dallas Dental Wellness, a private practice that provides optimal oral health and wellness utilizing the latest technology.

Her responsibilities included sterilizing instruments, breaking down rooms, shadowing the team, and sitting in on a few medical procedures.

"I was also taught how to use some of the technology and how to set up patient rooms," she said. “Overall, I really enjoyed the work and could see myself becoming a dentist one day."

She loved going to lunch with the team and even got to cut and model a retainer for herself.

“Dr. Kong was such an inspiration to me,” she said. “I enjoyed all the work I got to participate in and experience!”