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Sorority Reference Writers Needed

Dear Sorority Alumnae:

Thank you for your willingness to write sorority references for the members of the Ursuline Class of 2022 who will participate in recruitment next year! 

Your name and contact information will be provided to the Class of 2022, along with the names of other reference volunteers on the 2021-2022 Ursuline Reference Writers List. Our goal is to have multiple reference writers for each of the NPC Greek organizations.

The girls and their mothers will be instructed to seek reference writers from within their own personal circle for as many organizations as possible, as their personal contacts know them best. 

Volunteers from the Ursuline Reference Writer List are to be used in the event that a Potential New Member does not have an available reference writer from her own personal circle. 

The seniors and their mothers will also be instructed to provide the Reference Writers with the information necessary to complete the reference, so that Reference Writers may complete and submit in a timely manner.

Reference Writers have the option to request the Potential New Member's information via physical information packet and/or digitally (emailed attachments), as many national sororities now prefer or require references to be submitted electronically.

Thank you again for supporting the Ursuline Class of 2022 as the girls prepare for upcoming college sorority recruitment! Your time and effort are greatly appreciated!

If you will support the Class of 2022 by writing sorority references, please submit your contact information.