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Serviam Fair Provides Service Opportunities On Campus

Shelby Lovejoy '24 started Ursuline's Serviam Fair two years ago as an opportunity for students to participate in hands-on, accessible volunteering during school hours. 

She wanted to take any complications out of serving - scheduling conflicts, travel, overall logistics out of an individual's control - and find a way for UA students to make an impact and give back to their community during school hours.

"To me, Serviam means giving back to my community in a way that I know will make a difference," she said. "That is why I believe that Serviam Fair is so important."

Each semester, Shelby reaches out to UA service clubs to see if they are interested in "hosting" a service project during one of four fair days. Then, the clubs that agree to "host," are in charge of collecting supplies, drafting instruction slides, and reaching out to an external coordinator if they are affiliated with a larger organization.

"They essentially take over the entire service project for that day while my team and I make sure that the fair itself runs smoothly," she said.

This fall, the Serviam Fair features four days of service with two to three projects per day. Some projects include decorating cards, making bracelets, creating dog toys, etc. that will all be donated to local nonprofits.

Meet Some Members of the Serviam Fair Team

Tatum Kreutz '27 has enjoyed her first year on the Serviam Fair team because she loves seeing students help out with the service projects.

"The Serviam Fair is a very exciting and fun experience," she said. "It is a unique way to do service work and I love being on the team and helping set that up."

Also her first year on the Serviam Fair team, Claire Whitworth '25 loves seeing the rush of people arriving to the fair during activity period eager to participate and help out.

To her, Serviam means including service in your everyday life - actions big and small. 

"It can range from holding a door open, going on a mission trip, or even taking 45-minutes out of your day to participate in the Serviam Fair," she said. "The Serviam Fair encourages students to serve their community by having everything laid out, set up, and ready to go. And, as an added bonus, because it's held in the cafeteria, students can serve with their friends!" 

Lexi Obi '26 helps communicate with club leaders participating in the Serviam Fair, asking them for their service project instructions.

"Serviam is more than simply helping people," she said. "It teaches me how to love those around me and respect them as much as I respect myself. I think the Serviam Fair promotes this value of love and community by offering a space for students to grow in their service while being surrounded by our loving community."

Seeing students from the Ursuline community getting together to serve others is Mckenzie Murray's '25 favorite part about being on the Serviam Fair team.

"Even though it's a busy time of year with tests and assignments, so many students come out to support the Serviam Fair and live out Ursuline's motto of Serviam," she said. "It just goes to show that Ursuline girls truly care about helping others."