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Rosaries for Hope

Ursuline’s Rosaries for Hope Club makes and donates rosaries to bring hope to those who need it the most. They’ve partnered with Diocese of Dallas Chaplains who distribute the rosaries to eight Dallas-area hospitals.

Throughout the year, club members make rosaries and have supply kits that members can take home. This system allowed the club to remain active, even through the stay-at-home period during COVID-19.

Rosaries for Hope has over 110 club members, including students, faculty, and staff. They’ve also taught at least 80 people who aren’t official members to make rosaries through their rosary making service events.

To date, members have made over 1,700 rosaries for the community!

Katie Robb ’22, President and Founder, enjoys participating in the club because it combines many of her passions – her Catholic identity, serving others, developing an inclusive community, and creating a form of art.

Her rosary creations date back to the 8th grade when she first learned how to make them as a service project for the National Junior Honor Society.

“I thought it was a fun activity and a great way to connect with my Catholic faith,” she said. “When I graduated from middle school though, I no longer had the community or resources to make rosaries, so I decided to start my own club at Ursuline.”

Thus, Rosaries for Hope was born in 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to not only unite the community and provide a source of hope to others, but to also allow Katie to share her love of rosary making while also providing a flexible way for students to earn service hours.

“Especially during the pandemic, it’s been important to me that we make rosaries to support not only hospital patients, but to also support the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who have been so selfless,” she said.

She’s enjoyed seeing students and families across Dallas become excited about making rosaries.

“It’s been gratifying to see people start a service event not knowing how to make rosaries, and by the end, they’re proud of themselves for finishing a rosary, and they’re even teaching their friends or family how to make them,” she said. “It’s been incredible to see people’s passion for helping others through rosary making!

Danielle O’Sullivan ’24, Secretary, has always been extremely passionate about service.

“Through Rosaries for Hope I feel I have found a place at Ursuline that I can spread my love for service and help other people find their passion for service as well,” she said.

Danielle first heard about the club through her Freshman Advisor, Mrs. Albin.

“I am so glad I joined,” she said. “I have loved getting to be a part of such a fantastic club that does such amazing things. The seniors are great and have been awesome at teaching us everything that goes into making the club run, which is a lot.”

She’s excited to continue her work with the organization.

As the Media Manager, Emma Brodsky ’22, enjoys promoting the club and photographing their numerous service events.

“I am passionate about Rosaries for Hope because it’s a way for me to both serve and indulge in a relaxing hobby,” she said. “I always look forward to making rosaries, whether I’m by myself or with my fellow Rosaries for Hope members.”

Emma was making rosaries for about a year before joining the club and joined as a means of giving back to her community through a craft she already enjoyed.

“I love watching Rosaries for Hope grow,” she said. “We have a very dedicated club, and I love watching our members, our outreach, our annual rosary count, and the impact we make grow every month.”

Rosaries for Hope held its first rosary making service event at Ursuline in March.