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Esse's 55th edition, Esse 2021, is now available online.

This issue of the award-winning magazine features a diverse set of work from Ursuline students, including poetry, short stories, plays, photography, and paintings.

The works follow the theme of "Light." Esse 2021 was produced by the Ursuline Literary-Art Magazine Club, which was led by Editor-in-Chief Delia-Rose Constantin '21 and Art Editor Savannah Flores '21. Monica Prachyl Cochran '71 and Kyle Lee moderated the club.

Esse 2021 was dedicated to English Teacher Pat Medina, who after 42 years of teaching (35 at Ursuline) retired last school year. 

"On behalf of all the Ursuline students whose lives you touched as well as those of the entire Ursuline Community, we thank you (Pat Medina) for your years of service and dedication to academic excellence," Delia said. "We wish you and your family all the happiness in the world as you enter this next phase of your life."

Read Esse 2021.