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Read Esse 2019

Esse's 53nd edition, Esse 2019, is now available online.

This issue of the award-winning magazine features a diverse set of work from Ursuline students, including poetry, short stories, plays, photography, and paintings.

The works follow the theme of "Earth." Esse 2019 was produced by the Ursuline Literary-Art Magazine Club, which was led by Editor-in-Chief Mary Beth Kemp '19 and Art Editor Alyssa Dean '19. Monica Prachyl Cochran '71 and Kate Kairies Schenck '97 moderated the club.

The magazine was dedicated to Kate Kairies Schenck '97, one of Esse's co-moderators. The Esse staff thanks her for her positive influence and for challenging them to push boundaries while remaining authentic to their individual voices.

Read Esse 2019.