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Q&A with Grandparents Day Hosts Irma and Alfredo Duarte

Although this year’s Grandparents Day could not be held in-person, the spirit of community that it would have brought still shines through. We hope that you will share the following message with your grandparents.  

A Prayer for Grandparents
Lord God almighty,
bless our grandparents with long life, happiness, and health.
May they remain constant in your love 
and be living signs of your presence
to their children and grandchildren.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Thank you to our Ursuline grandparent community for entrusting your precious granddaughters to us. Serviam continues to be the heart of Ursuline Academy, and it is your own spirit of Serviam that keeps the Ursuline legacy alive and well, not only today but for many more generations of Ursuline women to come.

One such Ursuline legacy grew from her grandparent’s hardworking spirit and love of service. 

Seven years ago, Alfredo Duarte got a call from his corporate attorney. He told Alfredo that he would need to find a new attorney because he was headed to participate in another project with Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep. 

Alfredo decided to join the project as well. Little did he know, those initial Cristo Rey planning meetings would also lead to the beginning of a new legacy with Ursuline. 

Through Cristo Rey, he met Ursuline President Gretchen Kane and learned about the Dallas all-girl high school. He told his son, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your daughter went there?”

Soon, Mia Duarte '22 applied, was accepted, and the rest is history. 

What does Ursuline mean to you?
It is amazing that my granddaughter goes to Ursuline. She will be the first one to go to college and graduate. I come from the Mountains of Mexico, with no education, but my parents raised me with very important characteristics: to be a good person, to not lie, and to not steal.  We came to the United States and built a company and a life. For me, Ursuline is the ultimate opportunity. It is such a good school and to say my granddaughter goes there is a blessing. Ursuline really does create strong, independent women. I love to see the change in my granddaughter, she is learning about the world and being taught how to think. 

With the current shelter-in-place mandate, what have you noticed about your granddaughter’s experience with e-Learning?
You know, I have not really talked to her much about that. I do know she is doing everything from home, and it is different. But her generation is so adaptable due to technology. This generation will be perfectly okay. I have seen the times change and this age group will be just fine. 

What is a message or piece of advice you would like to share with the current students during this unprecedented time?
Just need to stick with it. Make the adjustments and become the best you can be. Continue to do what you’re doing, apply, listen to your elders, and continue on. Power through. 

Is there a message you would like to share with our grandparent community?
We need to support the school to make sure the tradition continues on. We see the impact the school makes on the families and the young ladies that attend. Our obligation is to also be the grandparents of the school and to make sure they continue the work they have been doing. Ursuline helps students and is so important. We should invest in our students more and more so that we do not leave anyone behind. 

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