Ursuline News

Passport to the World

On Thursday, October 17, 27 students attended the International Career Day Fair offered by the World Affairs Council and Global Young Leaders at The University of Texas at Arlington.

The goal for the Career Day was to widen the perspective of students on the global landscape. They were able to attend breakout sessions to learn about potential international careers, what they entail, and how to pursue their desired path.

Careers such as International Law, Foreign Service, Environmental Science, and the Military were represented.

“My favorite part of the day was listening to Dr. Rick Halperin’s speech about human rights,” said Emma Sinasac ‘21. “He was so passionate about his beliefs and his talk really conveyed that.”

Dr. Halperin began teaching human rights courses in 1990 at Southern Methodist University. He has held many leadership positions in human rights and social justice programs over the years.  

“I am really interested in beginning a career abroad because in the world today, most careers can be applied in a global setting and it is important to be aware of the world around you,” Emma continued.

She was additionally inspired by Engineers Without Borders. She did not realize engineering could help people in such a personal and hands on way before visiting with the organization.

Allie Kilduff ‘20 also enjoyed attending the Career Day at UTA. Her favorite part was listening to and connecting with professionals working in fields she is interested in. She hopes to continue learning about different cultures and customs after graduation and an international career is her desired path.  

“From my time at Ursuline, I have been heavily involved with the Global Department,” Allie said. “Through this experience, I have realized how important it is to have a global perspective and to learn about the world.”