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October Student News

We’re always excited to hear what Ursuline students are up to!

Here are some accomplishments shared by our students.

Anne Ermish '21 recently earned her Girl Scout Gold Award. Anne's project established a clothing closet for young people at Cassata Catholic High School in Fort Worth. This included converting two floors of an unused building at the school and installing receiving, inspection and storage areas for donated clothing. She finished out 1,000 square feet of showroom space and filled it with attractive, practical fashions for the Cassata school community. Additionally, she established a young mother supply depot filled with infant clothing, diapers, and other needed baby supplies.

Somto Unini '21 was recognized as a College Board National Recognition Program Scholar for the National African American Recognition Program. 

The College Board National Recognition Program announced the following students as National Hispanic Scholars:

  • Marianne Cano '21
  • Delia-Rose Constantin '21
  • Agustina de Urtubey '21
  • Daniela Santos-Burgoe Jourdain '21
  • Daniela Cumming '21
  • Erin Torres '21
  • Samantha Hernandez '21
  • Eva Montenegro '21
  • Grace Ocampo '21

Megan Sickler '21 received the Positive Coaching Alliance Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to high school athletes, based on their responses to questions pertaining to how they meet the standard defined in Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by PCA Founder Jim Thompson.

The Environmental Club has been busy! 

They are growing peppers, different assortments of lettuce, kale, basil, asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower. Additionally, they’ve planted some pollinator plants to attract butterflies and bees! 

“The garden was part of our lesson on biodiversity and will be used to teach gardening skills,” said Club Leader Juliana Stanford ‘21. “The best part is that everything we grow will be donated to food pantries!”

Ryan Luedtke '22 will be a part of the NASA Scholars Program!

Chinese Classes participated in the CCCO Mid-Autumn Festival, an event where students experienced the richness of the Chinese culture, learned about Chinese tradition, and competed in an artwork competition.

Artwork Competition:

  • First place, Kaia Putnam '23

Live Mid-Autumn Festival Knowledge Competition:

  • Third place, Frances Villar '22

Other Notable Students:

  • Alana Houston '23 did a great job in part of hosting.
  • Jordan Migis '21 and Sara Harmon '21 impressed the audience with their Chinese song.

Outstanding Participation Schools:

  • Second place, Ursuline Academy of Dallas

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