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November Student News

We’re always excited to hear what Ursuline students are up to!

Here are some accomplishments shared by our students.

Colleen Parro '20 was awarded her Girl Scout Gold Award. She coordinated and directed a camp at Boys and Girls Club for a group of 50 5-9-year-old's to help inspire them and spark their interest in STEM while providing a fun experience. The four-day camp allowed the kids to participate in STEM-related activities that were both fun and educational. 

"I realized my potential for making a difference in the world," she said. "Girl scouts showed me that it is important to work hard for my goals and issues I believe in. I have learned a lot about the importance of communication and I learned many different leadership skills, such as how to keep a group's attention and how to maintain order while also keeping a positive and fun learning environment for everyone.”

Members of Ursuline's Global Advisory Council and Junior World Affair Club attended the H. Mallon Awards dinner at the Anatole. The dinner honored Mike Rawlings, former Dallas Mayor, for his work in advancing Dallas' international connections and profile. Attendees:

  • Sarah Hui '20
  • Allie Kilduff '20
  • Sophie McCauley '21

Brooke Horowitz '21 earned her Girl Scout Gold Award. Last year, Brooke took her first Mission Trip to Guatemala with Orphan Outreach. She was so moved by the young girls at Hope and Future that she returned to Guatemala to complete her Gold Award Project.

Her project consisted of completing a room makeover at the Hope and Future Home for Girls. She made blankets for 11 beds, provided all new linens, toiletry kits, and room decorations. Additionally, she presented to the girls about the benefits of good hygiene to promote their health and self-esteem. 

Nicole Zimmer '21 volunteered as a Voting Clerk in Dallas County on November 4. A fun surprise to the day was meeting President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush as they voted. 

The education department at the Frontiers of Flight Museum offered STEM Career Day on November 13, and 12 Ursuline students attended:

  • Julia Elias ‘21
  • Alaina Davis ‘21
  • Viviana Esquivel ‘22
  • Manahil Gill ‘22
  • Delaney Harwell ‘21
  • Emma Lonngren ‘21
  • Alecia Paul ‘21
  • Madison Quishpe ‘20
  • Truett Ramsey ‘21
  • Emma Sinasac ‘21
  • Ella Teodorescu ‘21
  • Anvita Wadhwa ‘22

This particular Career Day offered exhibits focusing on STEM Companies in DFW with samples, tools, and career advice from professionals. In addition to listening local colleges share information about their STEM Departments, students also participated in hands-on STEM Building and Testing Challenges.

Julia Elias ’21 particularly enjoyed listening to the STEM speakers at the panel as they offered advice to students on applying to colleges and choosing a major. A UPS worker further opened her eyes as she considers the path she wants to take in her future.

“She showed us a different side of UPS that didn’t involve delivering a package,” Julia said. “She inspired me to broaden my experience as my interests in STEM can appear in the jobs I least expect.”

On November 16, 13 students visited Medical City Plano to learn about and use three different robots used in surgical procedures, including the da Vinci robot. Attendees:

  • Monica Aguilera ‘20
  • Helen Emerson ‘20
  • Rebekah Davis ‘20
  • Ava Goldammer ‘20
  • Amelia Krusinski ‘20
  • Eleanor McLeod ‘20
  • Ann Nealon ‘20
  • Madeleine Phung ‘20
  • Carolina Ponce ‘21
  • Justine Walker ‘20
  • Claire Weber ‘20
  • Sydney Withey ‘20
  • Robin Veninga ‘20

“I love all things science and technology related,” Ava Goldammer ’20 said. “I never thought that I could combine the two for a profession." She hopes to be a plastic surgeon one day, specializing in pediatric reconstructions.

Additionally, Amelia Krusinski ’20 enjoyed the demonstration because it showed her what a robotic surgery is really like.

“My favorite part of the robot demonstrations was when we got to try them out,” she said. “It was amazing how natural the controls on the robot felt and how even I could maneuver it and complete tasks."

19 students took a field trip to the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum on November 20. They had the opportunity to intern at the museum and work with primary resources from the archives, facilitate the Survivor Hologram Program, and develop worksheets for future Dallas Catholic school students who visit the museum. Students who made the trip included:

  • Therese Allison '21
  • Chloe Almond '20
  • Kirsten Burghartz '20
  • Emily Cardenas '21
  • Sarah DeBord '20
  • Kylie Fox '20
  • Ava Goldammer '20
  • Ava Gough '20
  • Emma Grimes '21
  • Hannah Jenkins '21
  • Alexandra Kilduff '20
  • Taylor Louviere '20
  • Mackenzie Morris '20
  • Kristin Musso '21
  • Caroline Rucker '21
  • Macon Rutledge '20
  • Isabella Sakalas '20
  • Avery Thompson '20
  • Madelyn Walton '20

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