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March Student News

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To celebrate Black History Month (a little delayed due to the winter storm), the African American Awareness Club virtually gathered (pictured) on Tuesday, March 2, to listen to Richard Miles speak about his wrongful conviction that sentenced him to 60 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Serving 15 of those 60 years, he helped exonerate himself by working his own case. Student participants included:

  • Taylor Beazer '21
  • Hailey Jones '21
  • Juliana Stanford '21
  • Alex Jones '24
  • Lauren Satcher '24

"Virtual learning has opened up new doors and we were so thankful to have been able to call in incredible speakers and have personal meetings with amazing people, such as Mr. Richard Miles," said Juliana Stanford '21. "Mr. Miles is an amazing example of perseverance, love, and kindness. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to plan a virtual session and hear how despite being wrongfully sent to prison for 15 years, he still kept his head up and continues to do amazing work."

"Meeting a man that has been done so wrong by our court system and hearing him tell his own story in person was a once in a life time event," said Taylor Beazer '21. "His story moves any person’s soul into wanting to do more for those that have been unfairly convicted and to question the systemic process of our courts."

Kylie Dobbs '21 and Juliet Moore '21 were announced as top soccer assist leaders in the Dallas-area. Read more.

Ava Rodriguez '24 was accepted into the Columbia University Journalism Summer Program for selected high school students. She will spend a week on Columbia’s New York City campus in an in-depth study of the field, producing a story every evening.

Founded in 1912 by Joseph Pulitzer, the Columbia School of Journalism is one of the oldest in the world. Its competitive summer program offers in-class workshops where high school students develop the skills that allow them to serve as editors and peer readers for each other and for classmates and publications at their home schools.

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