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Leaders in Global Exchange

Ursuline Dallas Director of Global Relationships and Cultural Exchange, Cecilia Nipp, and Colegio Santa Ursula in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil School Administrator, Rafael Bianchi, presented at the Global Education Benchmarking Group (GEBG) Summit on School Partnerships in Madrid, Spain this fall.

Founded in 1912 and a co-ed school, Colegio Santa Ursula is one of Ursuline’s largest sister schools with more than 1,500 students.

Ursuline Dallas and Colegio Santa Ursula began their partnership in 2011 and this long-standing relationship provided the basis for Ms. Nipp and Mr. Bianchi’s presentation at the Summit.

The duo helped participants gain an understanding about the work and commitment needed in order to maintain a school partnership. There are successes as well as challenges that need to be overcome.

"One of the successes that we consistently see is the enduring nature of the relationships between our students as well as the teachers involved in the exchange," said Ms. Nipp. 

Many educators from GEBG member schools across Europe and the Americas were in attendance.

Questions that arose from educator participants surrounded how schools engage their communities in the exchanges. They were also curious about the structure and organization of the Ursuline and Colegio Santa Ursula exchanges. 

Overall, Ms. Nipp and Mr. Bianchi felt very affirmed by the response to their session. 

"We were very proud to demonstrate how Ursuline schools are leaders in Global Exchange,” Ms. Nipp said.

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