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Junior Ring Ceremony 2024

By Lauren Zulick '25, Communications Intern

On Wednesday, April 10, the Class of 2025 received their Junior rings. The Ursuline ring carries images which reflect virtue and the high ideals of an Ursuline education.

These rings are worn by past alumnae of Ursuline Academy of Dallas, thereby uniting the Class of 2025 with yesterday's graduates. 

Three members of the Class of 2025 shared how they have grown and been nurtured through their service experiences at Ursuline:

  • "Hearing Dr. Shurley recite at the end of every school day the words, “Saint Angela, watch over the days of our youth. Saint Ursula, protect our future,” never gets old," said Allie Licygiewicz. "We are reminded of our patronesses, Saint Angela and Ursula, who sought for women to be educated. We are reminded how these Saints are here for us, although not physically but spiritually." 
  • "As my fob colors changed from green to yellow to red, I began to grasp the true mission and purpose of Ursuline Academy: “the total development of the individual student through spiritual formation, intellectual growth, service to others, and building of community,” said Trinity Richey. "It isn’t merely a statement Dr. Shurley put together to make Ursuline sound fancier (which is what freshman Trinity thought), but rather a plan—a plan to turn shy, apprehensive middle school girls into leaders prepared and equipped to make their mark on the world. I then realized that maybe, just maybe, my parents were right."
  • "Ursuline helped me understand that service can be more than a requirement, it can be something that fulfills you and allows you to interact with and learn about the people around you," said Parker Adams. "It can even help you learn something about yourself."

Also at the Junior Ring Ceremony, the Allyson Bohannon Goldman ’07 Serviam Award is given in memory of Allyson Bohannon Goldman, a member of the Ursuline Class of 2007. Embodying the spirit of Serviam, Allyson lived her life prioritizing others before self. She spent countless hours volunteering at Ursuline and throughout the years after high school. Allyson will be fondly remembered for her dedication to service.

Each year during the Junior Ring Ceremony, a student is presented with the Allyson Bohannon Goldman ’07 Serviam Award for their volunteer service and community contributions. This year's recipient was Cora Mahaney, 

Cora highlights her Serviam in how she helps her peers with tutoring services, "One of my favorite ways to serve is through tutoring. Others helping me with my own studies and academics is what first inspired me to be a tutor, but I continue to do it because of the fulfillment of serving. Additionally, I love tutoring for myself because it gives me an intellectual challenge – I not only help others learn, but also learn from them." 

Congratulations to the Class of 2025!

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