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January Student News

We’re always excited to hear what Ursuline students are up to!

Here are some accomplishments shared by our students.

Ashlyn Gage '20Marie Claire Ferretti '20Katherine Martinez '20Priscilla Wongso '20, and Sarah Visokay '20 celebrated the holidays by baking cookies and delivering them to the local fire station. After thanking the firemen and firewomen for their service to the community they were able to take a tour of the fire truck!

Blue Print Gallery Presents the second annual Dallas Young Artist Exhibition. Seven Ursuline students had work chosen to be exhibited. They are:

  • Ollantay Avila '20
  • Sarabeth DeBord '20
  • Kate Rucker '20
  • Justine Walker '20
  • Kayleigh Currier '21
  • Vivian Nguyen '21
  • Olivia Pujats '21

Kate Rucker '21 recieved an Honorable Mention for her piece, "Ollantay."  Read more. 

Claire Herzog '21 and Lauren Norvell '21 painted winter-themed windows at The Family Place Resale Shop over the Christmas break.

Nine students will be reading their work at the 2020 DFW Interscholastic Colloquium, hosted this year by the Episcopal School of Dallas, on Monday, February 3. Students from peer institutions submit academic papers and creative work. This year, the focus was on contemporary African American poet, Clint Smith. Ursuline participants: 

  • Daniela Cumming '21
  • Mia Duarte '21
  • Jennifer Elias '21
  • Savannah Flores '21
  • Madison Goza '21
  • Meenakshi Gujjarlapudi '21
  • Ella Mast '21
  • Lily Matula '21
  • Jordan Young '21

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