Ursuline News

“Good morning, Ursuline!”

UA Live is the Broadcast Journalism Club where students produce a school-wide live-streamed morning program. They share school information as well as student-produced content for the Ursuline community.

Zoe Rodriguez ’21 joined UA Live during her freshman year at Club Fair.

“I was super involved in the Broadcasting Bears Club and Mr. Gregory suggested helping out with a broadcast or two,” she said. “I started by holding a camcorder in Mr. Zamora’s office on Friday’s!”

Tess Hayes ’21 began participating her sophomore year.

“I decided to get involved with UA Live when I took Mr. Gregory's light and sound design class,” she said. “My first aired show was with Mary Alice Perkins '18 and Jan Rotich '19 and I did the prayer.”

“I’ve enjoyed watching them grow into leaders and become more confident with themselves through this public role in our community,” said UA Live Moderator James Gregory. “They were instrumental in developing UA Live into a program that has been adopted as a staple of the Ursuline community. They have taken it to an entirely new level.”  

Their most memorable moments?

Zoe: Finding out I was elected President of the UA Live Club and getting to celebrate my birthday during quarantine while I was anchoring.

Tess: Interviewing alumnae for a Homecoming Weekend segment! I invited Bernie Paul, Rachel Davies, Claire Webb, and my mom, Missy Bone Hayes '83, to participate on the show.  

Their favorite segments?

Zoe: “Trivia with Zoe!” I have learned so much this year by searching for new trivia facts every morning. Did you know the Hollywood letters in Los Angeles are 45 feet tall?!

Tess: "The Weather with Tess!" It was not originally something I thought would take on a life of its own, but here I am two years later as the Pete Delkus of UA.  

Their favorite interviews?

Zoe: My favorite interview was with Ms. Bove. She is one of my favorite teachers, and she has a lot of fun and interesting stories to tell! (She had a pet squirrel once!) 

Tess: When we had Madam President Gretchen Kane come and do a turkey pardon on our last show before Thanksgiving Break. I was always blown away by the way she discusses the importance of family and friends, and how important it is for us to surround ourselves with our Ursuline sisters.

Tess and Zoe will miss seeing each other and Mr. Gregory every morning. And they agree that saying, “Good morning, Ursuline!” each day will be the thing they miss the absolute most next year.

“We have worked every school day together,” said Mr. Gregory. “They have made UA Live a way to start our morning that is beyond informative. They really are community leaders and role models. They set the tone of every school morning.”

Zoe will be attending Fordham University - Lincoln Center and plans to study Political Science and Pre-Law.

Tess will be attending Saint Mary's College in South Bend, Indiana. She will study Communications, specifically Broadcast Journalism.

“All the well wishes to Zoe and Tess. I know they well be successful,” said Mr. Gregory. “They are two strong and driven young ladies, and wherever they land in life, that will be one lucky place. Don’t be strangers!”