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Global Week 2020 Recap

Global Week 2020 couldn't have been more festive!

Each day of the week focused on a different region of the world.

Tuesday celebrated “The Americas,” Wednesday recognized “Africa and the Middle East,” Thursday taught us about “Europe/Australia,” and Friday ended with “Asia.”

As a special treat, SAGE correlated lunch throughout the week with the area of the world being celebrated that day. 

Students also learned firsthand about cultures and traditions from our visiting Peruvian and Chinese delegations. From watching videos of their schools to learning cultural dances, fun was had by all.

Father Joe Luzindana and Father Joe Mary Ssebunnya were special guests visiting from Uganda. During an African Praise and Celebration Service, they taught the importance of song in worship.

“Sometimes, the feelings are so high you need to burst into song,” said Father Joe Luzindana (AKA Father Joe, “The Tall”). “Song can unite the universe and we can all be one with the power of song.”

“My favorite Global Week events were the African dance class and the prayer service,” said Global Advisory Council member Sarah Pumphrey ’20. “They were both so interactive and fun! I loved every second.”

Another special guest was alumna Jessica Valenzuela ’12. She is currently studying Marine Biology at James Cook University in Australia.

She shared her experience living abroad and discussed Australian wildlife, the fires currently taking place, Aboriginal culture, and her time studying marine biology on the Great Barrier Reef.

Other highlights included:

  • NACH teaching students traditional South Asian dances.
  • Batty Maruy, visiting from Bangkok, Thailand, shared about life in Bangkok, her home away from home.
  • Lunar New Year Dumpling samples in Haggar during lunches.
  • Henna art in the Atrium hosted by the World Language Arabic department.
  • Faculty, staff, and students visiting the Global Market. Proceeds from the market benefited St. Catherine's School in Kenya, Colegio Ursulino Miramar in Peru, and Wildlife Rescue/Red Cross Australia.

“Global Week was a joyful opportunity to learn more about our friends and neighbors around the world,” Director of Global Relationships and Cultural Exchange Cecilia Nipp said. “It’s a privilege to be able to celebrate each other in the hospitable spirit of St. Angela!”

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