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From the Desk of Kayla Brown

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A comedian posted early in the pandemic the following statement, “My grandpa never once would talk about what he went through during WWII, but you better believe my grandkids will hear about the year I couldn’t go to the mall.” While I think this is incredibly funny, it also made me reflect on this past year and what I am grateful for. Yes, it has been a very challenging year in education, but I have witnessed students and adults grow unlike ever before. I have also witnessed so many in our community lean on God, maybe for the first time, and realize that He is always enough to be grateful for.

My favorite moments of the 2020-2021 school year (in no particular order):

  • The very first day of classes in October when most of our students returned to campus. While I am sure so many of us were nervous, the joy surpassed the nerves.
  • Senior Snowball. Although a little later in the year and with some new protocols, this event was beautiful. The seniors were radiant and I think every person there knew what a privilege it was to have this event. I would even say that we were the pioneers in hosting a dance this year and I am proud for the decisions we made.
  • Intramurals. Of course, Intramurals! I witnessed leadership like I have never seen before. The students found new ways to make noise, played volleyball in different areas, and blew us away! If anyone was watching the live stream awards ceremony, I hope you could feel the excitement, the spirit, and the love around that circle.
  • Watching the seniors teach the freshmen their Freshman Dance. The smaller groups made it seem a little more cozy. Wide-eyed freshmen walked into the gym and jumped right in! Seniors spent all day teaching and they never lost their excitement with each and every group that came through the gym that day.
  • Just a few nights ago, we held Powderpuff! Students and families were welcomed to the Jesuit field and in a very close game, the seniors took home the (NEW) trophy! Tuesday Night Lights was fun to watch. It was even more special for me because my son could see the amazing girls that I get to see every day!
  • Freshmen Convocation, Sophomore Serviam, and Junior Ring Ceremony. I understand that these events looked different this year, but I will remain grateful that we were able to have these traditions at all.
  • Did you know we had a petting zoo on campus last week? Our annual Fun Day brought to you by Student Council was a great success despite the weather!

So yes, while I am sure I will tell my grandkids about the “year I couldn’t go to the mall”, I will also tell them about the resiliency, the creativity, the joy, and the growth that took place that year. More than anything else, I hope we have all learned that we are not in control, that joy comes from the Lord, and that Christ will be with us through this pandemic and through any tough times to come.

I hope you all have an amazing summer! A nice, long break is well-deserved!



Kayla Brown
Dean of Students