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Four Students Receive UEN Recognition

Juniors Caroline Pfaffenberger, Carolina Ponce, Eleanor Skelly, and Juliana Stanford earned the Ursuline Educational Network (UEN) Student Service Recognition Award.

Ursuline recognized these students at the St. Angela Feast Day Mass. The Student Service Recognition Program honors strong, compassionate leaders from Ursuline sponsored schools and colleges nationwide.

Caroline offered her leadership skills and service at The Pines Catholic Camp. Her time at camp included her taking time every day for a week to go with campers to a local hospital where children live with terminal illnesses and sickness.

“We knew we could make a difference in these children’s lives with our visits to them,” she said. “This was the first time in my life where I truly realized that we are fortunate and lucky to have what we have.”

Carolina showed her spirit of service through helping at a specialized rehabilitation center for Veterans in the Dallas-area. She brightened their Christmas season by establishing personal relationships with each veteran and passing out gifts and cards.

“The Veterans’ selflessness has truly impacted me,” Carolina reflected. “They have planted a goal in me to be more like them, putting others before myself.”

Eleanor offered her time and talent at Walnut Place Senior Living and at The Forum Retirement Community. She reached out in comfort and challenge to the residents of both locations through a series of intense Bingo games.

“I truly loved this project and look forward to playing more games with my new friends.” she said.

Juliana deepened her awareness of the needs of the poor by lending a helping hand to the Missionaries of Charity in the Dallas-area with her grandfather. For the past six years, they’ve worked together by bringing food to the poor and helping abused women.   

“Domestic violence doesn’t just stop once they escape, it is going to haunt them for the rest of their lives,” Juliana explained. “In bringing them food on Saturdays, they are reminded that they are cared for and hopefully are given a subtle sense of stability since we come regularly. By doing this, I am reminded there is always hope.”