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Feast Day of St. Ursula

Ursuline celebrated the Feast Day of St. Ursula with a special Mass on Wednesday, October 21.

St. Ursula was a brave martyr for her Christian faith. As she and her companies sailed around Europe, their ship was captured by Huns. The Huns told the group to denounce their faith, but St. Ursula courageously stood firm in her conviction for Christ, knowing this would result in her death.

St. Angela chose this Christian martyr as the patron saint of her Company of St. Ursula in 1535. St. Ursula is known as a leader of women companions, a model of faith, courage, loyalty, and commitment to Christ and to a life of Christian witness.

“St. Ursula was someone who not only chose to follow Christ in her life every day, but she built up a habit in such a way where not only in choosing that one time, she was able to choose it every time,” said Father Mark during his Homily. “To the point where the choice became whether or not to live for Christ or not. She was able to choose Christ fully, thoroughly, faithfully; fidelity at the core of her choice.”

Fun Fact: If you have ever been to the St. Angela Chapel in the FFC at Ursuline, you will notice that it is in the shape of a boat. This is a tribute to St. Ursula's bravery and a reminder to all to stand firm in our faith.

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