Ursuline News

Faculty News: Accomplishments and Accolades

Science teacher Kirsten Lindsay-Hudak was one of three panelists in an ISAS session on Hybrid Learning for upper schools. The panelists shared their experiences, successes, challenges, and answered questions from attendees.

“I was thrilled to represent UA, and I loved not only sharing what worked for me, but also some of the things that other people here are doing,” she said. “It was also a wonderful opportunity to take some new ideas back to my own classroom.”

English teacher Corby Baxter recently assembled a Virtual Educator Showcase, which spotlighted best practices for hybrid/remote learning. There were two types of presentations:

  • Six “live” presenters who shared a topic/practice/idea with teachers through Teams the morning and of the showcase.
  • 10 short videos that were pre-recorded and highlighted one tip/trick; these were put on a streaming channel for teachers to visit at their leisure.

“Our goal was to help teachers manage the new learning environments, spotlight practices that have been effective, and highlight the way(s) our tech platforms can be used,” he said. “We wanted to build Professional Development that is personal and specific to our community needs by leveraging the great things happening with our teaching, so that our PD is uniquely fitted to us at Ursuline.”

The presenters and their topics:

  • English teacher Megan Griffin: Feedback on OneNote
    • Strategies and rationale for providing formative and summative feedback through OneNote.
  • World Language teacher Amanda York: Using Channels in Teams
    • Strategies for using channels in Teams to facilitate active, group discussions.
  • Science teacher Harriet Furton: Syncing Communication Between Teams/OneNote
    • Way(s) to optimize communication between OneNote and Teams.
  • English teacher Allison Hibbitt: Using Collaboration Space in OneNote
    • Strategies for using the collaborative space to facilitate collaboration and document student thinking.
  • World Languages teacher Amy Gilchrist: Using re/post self-assessment to prep for 1:1 conferences
    • Strategies for helping students prep for 1:1 conferences through pre/post self-assessment.
  • Math teacher Andrea Pujol: Organization Strategies for OneNote
    • Different strategies for clearly and effectively organizing material in OneNote.

Art teacher Jocelyn Holmes will present, along with three fellow IDSVA students, in a panel at the 2021 CAA Annual Conference in February.

Their session panel, entitled, "Reframing Aesthetics: Diaspora, Historicity, and The Myth of Truth," questions traditional Western concepts of aesthetics as it relates to visual representations of African diaspora in historical narratives. Jocelyn will specifically discuss, "Addressing Erasure Through Critical Fabulation: Reimagining Myth, Art, and Truth." 

Additionally, Jocelyn will participate in the 2020 SECAC Conference November 30 to December 11, 2020 as a part of a session entitled, "Diasporic Women Artists in Latin America: Gender and Displacement in the Crafting of Multiple Modernities." She will present a paper, "Track and Trace: Being Written in Body and Blood."