Ursuline News

Every Vote Counts

The League of Women Voters visited Ursuline to help of age students register to vote. 

Students who were 17 and 10 months on or before Monday, January 27, were eligible to register to vote for the March 3, 2020 election.

History teacher Olivia Ide discusses the history of voting in her junior-level classes. They are also encouraged to reach out to their state or national Congress person regarding an issue of importance to them.

“It is so important to vote,” Ms. Ide said. “You are helping to select someone who will influence the issues that get attention and the path the country is on both nationally and globally.”

Overall, 26 students registered to vote and many more took home registration cards with dates they are eligible to mail them to become registered.

“I’m excited to register because I am participating in the political affairs of my city and country,” said Michaela Coulter ’20.

The League of Women Voters also gave seniors the application for absentee ballots if they plan on heading out of state for college.

Ursuline will hold another voter registration day in September for the November election.