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Diversity, Equity, Justice

My last word to you is that you live in harmony, united together (Insieme) all of one heart and one will: Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, esteeming each other, bearing with each other in Jesus Christ.” 
~St. Angela Merici

St. Angela’s words illuminate the vision set forth for us. The word Insieme is Italian for “together,” a directive at the core of our Ursuline mission. Each of us is responsible for striving for excellence in promoting diversity, equity, and justice. We must work together to ensure that all in our community feel valued and welcomed.

The devastating and tragic events of recent weeks are heartbreaking beyond expression. We must ask how long it will be before we are able to rise above the national, racial and gender distinctions that divide us and embrace the common humanity that binds us? The answer depends upon the choices that all of us make. 

But as world events reflect, we remain far from mastering the art of human relations. We have invented no technology that will guide us to those places that matter most. It is our true hope that we can, with confidence, engage the changing world, and there, rooted in values, faith, and learning skills, begin to fashion a world that is at once more human and more just. 

Our Ursuline Core Values make this work foundational to who we are. The Ursuline Sisters, always embracing a commitment to peacemaking, have issued the following statement for their ministries that we share here with you:

May 30, 2020

Fatal Arrest of George Floyd

The video of the police brutality against George Floyd brings to focus again the reality that as a nation we have the urgent task of seeking justice and equality for the people of color in America.

As Ursuline Sisters of the 
Roman Union of the United States
we urge lawmakers to address
systemic, race-based injustice.
We add our voices to all who plead
for societal changes in every facet of our life
where racial inequality is condoned.
It is time to address this issue with purpose.

"No one can say anymore, 'This does not concern me.' 
Imitate Christ by becoming neighbor to every man, and woman.”
~ Pope Francis to Ursulines


Gretchen Z. Kane

Dr. Andrea Shurley