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Congratulations, Ursuline Class of 2019!

Graduation ceremonies for the Ursuline Academy of Dallas Class of 2019 were held at the Ursuline campus on Sunday, May 26. More than 2,500 family, friends, faculty and staff shared in this most beautiful of Ursuline traditions.

The Class of 2019 has been awarded a total of more than $26.3 million in merit-based scholarships. Further, of the 212 graduates, approximately 80 percent (170 young women) graduated with honors.

Below are the graduates' names and college choices (view the full list of college acceptances for the Class of 2019):

View a listing of all merit scholarships offered to the Class of 2019, by individual graduate. (login required)

Student Name College
Marlena Josefina Acosta Kansas State University
Anya Agarwal Loyola University Chicago
Katheryn Lee Agostini University of New Hampshire
Sarah Allison Albert Auburn University
Esther Lucy Albuquerque The University of Texas at Austin
Taye Alexandra Allred The University of Alabama
Mia Alicia Alvarado The University of Oklahoma
Morgan Elizabeth Andrulis University of Michigan
Sophia Arias Southern Methodist University
Lauren Mei-Ming Arnott The University of Texas at Austin
Hailey Baek Baylor University
Marina Rose Barraco Baylor University
Tamara Rosemary Baumann University of St Andrews
Madelene Anne Beck Tulane University
Breanna Marie Beckham The University of Texas at Austin
Adrienne Grace Bland St. Edward's University
Chloe Josephine Boyter University of Kansas
Jillian Theresa Brown University of South Carolina
Athena Anderson Bruess University of Pittsburgh
Natalia Nicole Brzezinski The University of Texas at Dallas
Blake Elisabeth Caffrey American University
Mattia Grace Cantrell University of Arkansas
Stacie Cardoza University of the Incarnate Word
Cecilia Chavez University of Dallas
Mary Elizabeth Chen University of Notre Dame
Sophie Anne Chester Auburn University
Anna Katherine Coker Trinity University
Kendall Marie Colaluca University of Miami
Catherine Alexandra Cook Southern Methodist University
Madeline Grace Cooksey The University of Oklahoma
Alyson Hannah Cruz St. Edward's University
Kelsey Villanueva d'Etienne Colorado School of Mines
Ava Lorraine Davros The University of Texas at Austin
Nadia Jocelyn De La Cruz Texas Tech University
Alyssa Catherine Dean The University of Texas at Austin
Emily Grace Deary Texas Christian University
Meghan Elizabeth Deasy Baylor University
Isabel Phillips Desaloms Texas Christian University
Margot Elizabeth Desaloms University of Colorado at Boulder
Alaina Patricia DeVries Southern Methodist University
Alexis Louise Christina DeWitt The University of Oklahoma
Annette Diaz Southern Methodist University
Margaret Ann DiFrancesco Texas A&M University
Isabelle Adrian Domine University of Kansas
Mary Christine Drummond Marist College
Ruth Anne Emerson Southern Methodist University
Avery Grace Engleman Pepperdine University
Olivia Claire Engro Creighton University
Hannah Elisabeth Fee Texas Tech University
Sophia Faye Fernandes University of Miami
Grace Elizabeth Finegan Loyola University Chicago
Kalin Kimzey Fleming Wake Forest University
Grace Ellen Flood University of Arkansas
Kacie Marie Frederick The University of Iowa
Madeline Marie Joan Fynes The University of Texas at Austin
Matilda Lydia Gajardo Austin College
Julianna Raquel Garcia The University of Texas at San Antonio
Sofia Garcia University of Michigan
Kerry Kathleen O'Malley Gleim Undecided
Alexandria Grace Alley Goetz Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Christa Elise Gorman Kansas State University
Elena Laura Graham The George Washington University
Grace Anne Grimes Southern Methodist University
Christina Gabrielle Guerra Loyola University Maryland
Haley Margaret Hanson Texas A&M University
Mackenzie Michelle Harrod University of Central Florida
Kendrick Holmes Hawkins Connecticut College
Caroline Marie Hayes Texas A&M University
Nikka Elizabeth Hayes University of San Diego
Katherine Anna Marie Hebert University of Michigan
Kaylin Marleece Henderson Wake Forest University
Isabella Beatriz Hernandez The University of Texas at Dallas
Paulina Hernandez New York University
London Marie Hook Fordham University
Emma Grace Hooper St. Edward's University
Lauren Elizabeth Horner Baylor University
Savannah Caitlin Hosea Texas Christian University
Lily Grace Houdek Texas A&M University
Arden Faith Howard University of Arkansas
Katelyn Marie Hrnicek The University of Arizona
Bliss Madeline Hudson Rollins College
Hanna Marie Hughston The University of Texas at Austin
Kristen Emma Hyman Colorado State University
Marie Claire Inniss Swarthmore College
Isabella Jaar The University of Texas at Austin
Shreya Jain Rice University
Harper Alice Lee Johnson The University of Texas at Austin
Erin Claire Kadesky The University of Tulsa
Katelyn Marie Kanzler Rhodes College
Mary Elizabeth Kemp University of Arkansas
Katie Elizabeth Kerber The University of Oklahoma
Marie Rosalie Kfoury Metni The University of Texas at Dallas
Abigail Roan Kilpatrick Trinity University
Pallavi Balagopal Kumar The University of Texas at Austin
Jade Symone Kyle St. Edward's University
Audrey Thanh-Truc La Baylor University
Lauren Elizabeth LaBarba University of Arkansas
Courtney Amelia Lambert The University of Oklahoma
Emily Catherine Land The University of Oklahoma
Rachel Colette Lane Tulane University
Ashley Lauren Laughlin Louisiana State University
Pauline Dan-Thuy Le The University of Oklahoma
Joanna Saylor Leitch Austin College
Rosemary Lerma Texas Tech University
Channing Maxey Lilley Louisiana State University
Jamie Shunhwei Lin University of San Francisco
Alexandra Christian Long Texas A&M University
Lucy Dwyer Long Texas Christian University
Natalie Anne Long The University of Texas at Austin
Sophia Marie Love Stanford University
Cayli Lishel Bautista Lucia The University of Texas at Austin
Elizabeth Grace Madden The University of Texas at Austin
Alexis Guadalupe Maldonado Texas State University
Kelly Nolan Cooney Mansour University of Notre Dame
Madison Winifred Marroquin University of Oregon
Elisabeth Ann Matthews Boston College
Morgan Layne McCrea The University of Texas at Tyler
Elizabeth Margaret McLaughlin Pepperdine University
Catherine Grace Meenan The University of Oklahoma
Kathleen Christine Meinhardt Wake Forest University
Katherine Anne Melle Marquette University
Katherine Annmarie Melsheimer American University
Ellie Sonntag Methe Louisiana State University
Emma Daigle Methe University of Denver
Anna Jo Miller The University of Iowa
Sophia Grace Miller University of Evansville
Mary Elizabeth Mocek Washington and Lee University
Jaclyn Grace Moll University of Kansas
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Montemayor University of Arkansas
Britton Karynn Morrell Franklin University Switzerland
Katherine Anne Motta Clemson University
Madison Ashley Motz The University of Texas at Tyler
Sarah Margaret Mulcahey Southern Methodist University
Kiera Ashley Mullany Fordham University
Caroline Elizabeth Muller Saint Louis University
Anna Laura Murray The University of Oklahoma
Veronica Jane Murray University of Kentucky
Neida Nicole Negrete Baylor University
Madison Kennedy Neri The University of Texas at Austin
Chloe Nguyet Nguyen Arizona State University
Clare Julia Ni'Shuilleabhain Saint Louis University
Elena Cecilia Orendain Colorado School of Mines
Melody Christina Ortega St. Edward's University
Emily Mae Parrish University of South Carolina
Kailas Vikas Patel Southern Methodist University
Porter Ellen Pechauer Fordham University
Angela Marie Pelky University of Oregon
Mohitha Peram The University of Texas at Dallas
Audrey Maria Peterman Xavier University
Rachel Eileen Pierce Baylor University
Divya Marika Pinto Clemson University
Anna Katherine Pittman Texas Christian University
Claire Laessle Polak Clemson University
Sophie Marie Polma McGill University
Elenor Claire Post Savannah College of Art and Design
Ciara Rose Annette Amelia Quinn Texas A&M University-Program for Transfer Admission
Arianna Kaitlyn Ramirez Texas A&M University at Commerce
Shannon Marie Reilly The University of Texas at Austin
Haley Colette Rickman Auburn University
Emma Catherine Riley Saint Louis University
Sofia Mendelssohn Ritter-Pleitez University of San Diego
Peyton Elizabeth Robertson Emory University
Janice Cherono Rotich University of Cincinnati
Serah Lourdes Sadhwani The University of Texas at Arlington
Margaret Ann Savage The University of Texas at Austin
Emily Jane Schopmeyer Texas Tech University
Emma Celeste Sheumaker Loyola Marymount University
Janie Lee Shives Texas State University
Samantha Sivapon Oregon State University
Malachi Jade Snyder University of Notre Dame
Elena Song Brown University
Kaitlynn Ern De Soo University of Pennsylvania
Lauren Elizabeth Stark University of Notre Dame
Lauren Raquel Stewart The University of Texas at Dallas
Amanda Hope Stockard University of San Diego
Monet Elise Stover Loyola Marymount University
Sarah Elizabeth Strange Loyola University New Orleans
Aidan Mikaela Stuart University of Arkansas
Reghan Susanne Stuecheli Texas Christian University
Priscilla Jessica Sulli St. Edward's University
Angelina Christine Syler The University of Oklahoma
Alicia Talamas American University
Emma Grace Tanner The University of Texas at Austin
Grace Anne Taylor Texas A&M University
Sallyanne Frances Tejan Santa Clara University
Annalisa Marie Teleha Tulane University
Christina Marie Thomas Saint Mary's College
Carson Brooke Topolski The University of Oklahoma
Brigit Margaret Torpey Miami University at Oxford
Stephanie Nicole Torrealba The University of Texas at Austin
Yajunaida Yurima Torrealba Fordham University
Clara Frances Tschoepe New York University
Dylan Rebecca Tullis The University of Oklahoma
Madelyn McGee Tuohy Auburn University
Shelby Lynn Van Hyfte Hofstra University
Zoe Nicole Victorine University of Denver
Jordan Sarah Vitale Creighton University
Rachel Ana Voirin Georgia Institute of Technology
Kathleen Vuong Texas Christian University
Sydney Shae Wallner Baylor University
Jordan Madison Walters University of Missouri Columbia
Elise Michelle Welch The University of Oklahoma
Abigail Grace Whisler Auburn University
Destinee Terrell White Xavier University of Louisiana
Kristen Ruth Wicker Auburn University
Laura Elaine Wildman Southern Methodist University
Jenna Renee Wilemon Texas A&M University
Laurel Ann Wood Pepperdine University
Marleigh Elizabeth Wood University of Maryland at College Park
Mary Grace Brough Yaeger Georgetown University
Caroline Marie Zagielski Villanova University
Samantha Mariella Zuniga The University of Texas at Arlington