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Celebrating Our Veterans

In celebration of the veterans in our Ursuline community, two Ursuline clubs partnered together to create a special banner and write letters for Operation Gratitude, an organization that provides opportunities for the American people to express their gratitude and show our Military and first responders that what they do matters.

When brainstorming how to get more student's to participate in Veteran's Day, Student Alumnae Association Veteran's Day Chair Cameron Taylor 23 thought letter writing would be a great way for students to be creative and thank veterans for their service. 

"I have worked with Operation Gratitude in the past, preparing care packages and writing thank you letters, so I knew they would love to receive letters for Veterans Day," she said. "It is important to thank those who served our country and fought to protect us."

Her peer and President of Ursuline's Support our Troops Club, Gracie Carpenter '24, agrees.

"It's really important to me that we offer as much love and support we can to all the brave men and women in service because they're the ones that make it possible for us students to wake up in a safe place, go to an amazing school, and hear from the people we love every day," she said. "It can be easy to take our freedom for granted when we get caught up in our busy lives, but our club works hard to help Ursuline remember the kindness and bravery of the people fighting for our country."

The Student Alumnae Associateion wrote over 400 thank you letters.

"When a veteran receives a note or a card from a student, I think it's very meaningful," said Madison. "It can mean the world to them having a reminder that there are people who support them with gratitude and recognize the incredible impact they make on our country."

We thank our US military veterans once again for serving our country and its citizens. You truly embody the spirit of Serviam!