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Carpool Line Reminders

To help ease into the carpool line routine, here are a few reminders and clarifications to help move the line along. It will become easier as the year progresses! View campus map.

  • The carpool line is one way around the school. 
  • The carpool line is a single line in the left lane.
  • The right lane is for thru traffic only.

Please leave the right lane open for those leaving campus.

  • Drop off and pick up is the the left of the median at the freshman (Breezeway) and sophomore (KIVA) entrances .
  • The right of the median is for thru traffic only, not parking or pick-up.
  • Do not park across from the freshman or sophomore entrances to wait for your student(s). You will need to move forward as the line progresses for carpool. 
  • Stay in line. 

After drop off and pick up, form two lines to exit the campus

  • Left lane turns left onto Walnut Hill. 
  • Right lane turns right onto Walnut Hill.
  • Please follow the Traffic Officer's directions.
  • You may exit to Inwood Road (southbound) from the right lane at St. Joseph Hall. 

Other reminders:

  • Avoid cellphone use while in the carpool line (unless you are letting your student(s) know that you are near the pick-up point and to be ready!). 
  • Be courteous to allow for merging traffic and parkers to exit.
  • Be mindful to students walking across the parking lot.
  • Watch for student drivers as they back out of parking spaces.
  • Consult the Campus Map for traffic flow directions.

Please contact Director of Security Auggie Trevino for questions.