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A Summer in the Life

Detective work.

That’s how Dr. Dale Yoo at Heart Rhythm Specialists described being a doctor. This lesson stuck with rising senior Alecia Paul, who spent the summer interning with him.  

“A doctor works backwards from the symptoms to find the causes, just like a detective works backwards from clues,” she reflected. 

Her fellow intern and classmate Maci Mitchell ’21 appreciated that Dr. Yoo wanted to “show us the happy side of medicine as well as the ugly side.”

“It reminded me that a job in medicine is rewarding, but there are also times it can be heartbreaking,” she said.

Alecia and Maci spent the summer gaining exposure to care of cardiac patients. This observational experience lets students shadow a cardiologist while gaining inspiration for a future career in medicine. 

Alecia was first interested in this internship because Dr. Yoo works in both the operating room and the clinic. “This enabled me to gain a glimpse into the different roles a medical doctor could take,” she said.

Her favorite part? Seeing an a-fib ablation procedure.

“I watched the doctor scar heart tissue to fix an arrhythmia,” she said. “It revealed the surgeon’s pinpoint accuracy and the various complications that could happen.” 

Maci sees medicine in her future and loved getting a glimpse into Dr. Yoo’s daily routine at the clinic and hospital.

“I want to get experience in all areas of medicine so hopefully it will show me what I want to do when I am older,” she said.

Renee Atwell ’21 also had an exciting summer interning at Midway Hollow Pet Clinic, learning under Ursuline alumna and Veterinarian Dr. Melanie Mitchell ‘06. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time there,” Renee said. “Everyone was nice, welcoming, and informative.”  

She spent her days taking care of the animals - watching over post-op dogs, handling the animals, observing treatments and surgeries, and witnessing blood draws, heart worm tests, and puppy shots. 

One of the biggest lessons she learned is that being a veterinarian is “not always sunshine and rainbows.”

“Thinking back to when I first started, I was worried that I was not going to be able to handle the different tasks of being a vet,” she reminisced. “However, this opportunity really showed me what I am capable of.”

She hopes to continue working with the vet clinic throughout the rest of the summer and potentially through the school year.