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A Letter From the Principal

Dear Families,

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us, and it feels both like it has arrived suddenly and like I have been waiting for it for such a long time. I think more than anything, this strange year has kept us all off our normal sense of time. It is a gift to have holidays coming up that will help to root us back into the rhythm of the calendar year!

This will be a different Thanksgiving for many of us. Perhaps a smaller gathering, travel foregone, or a flurry of family video chats. The one part that will hold as true this year as it has in the past, however, is the beautiful opportunity to lift our eyes and consider the many bounties for which we can be thankful. These may be large or small, but we can find them when we look.

This past weekend, we had an outreach from Kaia, a sophomore, asking if she could put up a Thankfulness Tree in our cafeteria to encourage students and teachers to share all for which they are thankful this year. This made my heart sing with joy! When these ideas come from our students, they have so much resonance. It will be fun to see how the tree leaves grow this week. It was easy for me to find the words on the leaf I added: “Thankful for our wonderful students!”

It is not an exaggeration to say that the presence of our students is something for which I am grateful every day. Being here on campus with them gives me energy and lifts my heart every day, and even back when we were fully online or hybrid, all I ever had to do was call up their faces in my mind if I needed a boost. Your daughters are amazing gifts to all of us here, and their partnership with us throughout this time of uncertainty and fear has been incredible to witness. Thank you for entrusting them to Ursuline.

I will be praying for your families – for your happiness and health – over our break and always!


Dr. Andrea Shurley