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A Letter From the Principal

November brings many kinds of joys to us at Ursuline. It is the season of Intramurals, one of the most unique and beloved experiences for our students. The hallways are filled with colorful decorations, and the murals are flying high in Haggar. We filled boxes and boxes with items to help families in Venezuela. Soon, we will be in our week of friendly competitions with aural backdrop of hundreds of girls cheering at full volume. Oh, it is so fun!

The culmination of Intramurals, Finale Day, is also the day that sends us away for Thanksgiving break. This is another November experience that fills my heart. I have always loved Thanksgiving, a time to be with family and friends, a time to thank God for the bounty in our lives.

I have been thinking of things for which I am thankful. Our students are at the top of that list. I have appreciated seeing how our girls have managed and navigated a uniquely challenging first semester. I know they will always remember the awful tornado that tore through Dallas and somehow just missed our school. However, many of you were not missed, or your friends and family were not. I know we will all be thinking of everyone who still struggles with the task of repairing lost or damaged homes and businesses. It is a large task, and it is heartening to already see the signs of restoration.

I know that many of our students and families, as well as our teachers, staff, and administrators, have been able to help families, friends, and neighbors in need. I have never felt the force of Serviam as much as I have in these past few weeks.

I hope you and your family enjoy the fullness of this season of joy and gratitude. You are all in my prayers every day!


Dr. Andrea Shurley

What I’m reading: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker PhD