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A Historic Celebration!

September 17 was a historic celebration!

This UA Giving Day was truly the best one ever. Not only was it the most successful giving day on record, it was also the public launch of The Campaign for Ursuline: Act, Move, Believe: Ursuline’s most ambitious step into the future of education.

UA Giving Day, the public kick-off of The Campaign for Ursuline, and the weeks leading up to September 17, were a beautiful testament to the astounding love that surrounds and permeates the Ursuline community.

On August 12, faculty and staff were asked to participate in the annual Employee Giving effort. The goal was to achieve 100% participation for the 6th year in a row. History Teacher and Head Swim Coach Jeff Girard stepped up this year as faculty lead of the Employee Giving Committee – his first time in the position – and “led with such finesse, kindness, compassion, and intelligence,” according to Director of Development Michele Snyder. 

Within six days of launching the employee campaign, 97% of the UA faculty and staff had donated: continuing traditional support of the Employee Legacy Scholarship Endowment and stretching their giving to Capital Improvements.

“The [Employee Giving] Committee, in my opinion, is responsible to fire up the faculty and then… the faculty does the rest,” said Jeff. “97% in 6 days?! That is what makes the UA community so amazing. 100% only a few days later!? That is what I wanted to help make a reality. Simply amazing what we can all do when we really care about something!”

Michele adds, “Being part of an employee community that supports an employee-driven endowed scholarship, allowing for a student to attend UA who would not otherwise be able to, is a deeply profound experience. Working with and getting to know the students is my favorite part of being at Ursuline. And then, to go beyond that and have the opportunity to be a part of something even bigger – the creation of a legacy – one that gives now and will also continue to give long after I’m gone – is something that inspires me.”

On September 17, to mark The Campaign for Ursuline’s official launch:

Over 60 vehicles came to campus (passing our new street pole banners featuring UA’s signature plaid) for an immersive, drive-through, podcast-guided tour of the Capital Improvements currently in progress. Large billboard banners displayed the renderings, available on our website, as the podcast explained how Ursuline will transform through The Campaign.

We were thrilled to receive heartwarming feedback from attendees:

  • “Ursuline is doing so much more that I thought! We were so impressed with the value and impact this will have for these girls!”
  • “We were the first car to drive through and wanted to turn around and go back. It was so inspiring!”
  • “Emotions snuck up on me as I drove through UA. So proud to be an alumna and happy to see the future is bright for these young ladies!”

View event photos.

The campaign announcement was also accompanied by a webpage launch: www.ursulinedallas.org/support-ua.

  • Explore how your gifts to UA benefit our students now and what your gift has the power to create as we move into the future. 
  • View The Campaign’s inspiration, its three priorities, and its financial goals. 
  • Through an all-new Facilities Tour, view renderings of the new spaces and renovations planned for Ursuline’s campus. 
  • Read what motivates other donors to give and see what some of our students think of the Capital Improvements. 

We invite you to visit the site and see what else there is to explore!

Our community threw its support behind The Campaign in a major way through donations totaling a jaw-dropping $724,149 on UA Giving Day. Your incredible generosity pushed the comprehensive campaign closer to its $85,000,000 goal; and more importantly, your gifts show that the community believes in Ursuline’s mission and knows that we must act now to ensure we’re preparing our current and future students for an ever-changing world.

We are so grateful for and in awe of your support and thank you for being a part of this crucial moment.

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