Staff and volunteers serving Ursuline Academy of Dallas (UA) recognize the high level of responsibility that their service carries. One critical responsibility is maintaining the confidentiality of information relating to constituents, donors and prospective donors.

1. Staff and volunteers shall balance the needs of UA to collect and record information with the right of members, donors and prospective donors to privacy.

2. Staff and volunteers shall seek and record only information that is relevant to the efforts of UA. Such information shall be accurately recorded in an objective and factual manner, and verified or attributed to its source.

3. Non-public information is the property of UA and is not to be given to anyone other than staff members or volunteers who need that information in the performance of their duties for UA.

4. Staff and volunteers shall ensure that all information (whether contained on paper or in a computerized file), including research about members, donors and prospective donors is handled and stored securely to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

5. Staff and volunteers shall give special protection to all giving records of donors, and especially pertaining to anonymous donors. Honoring donors’ preferences in terms of anonymity is critical to the success of fund raising efforts.

6. At the end of the relationship with the UA, all documents and other materials of any kind which contain any confidential information, in my possession or control, regardless of how stored or maintained, including all originals, copies and compilations and all information stored or maintained on computer files, E-mail or any other form of technology will be returned to UA.

I certify that I am an employee or volunteer of Ursuline Academy of Dallas and understand that any information (written, verbal or other form) obtained during the performance of my duties must remain confidential. This includes all information about donors, members, and prospective donors as well as any other information otherwise marked or known to be confidential. I understand that any unauthorized release in the handling of this confidential information is considered a breach of the duty to maintain confidentiality, and may subject me to personal liability for any damages caused by the unauthorized release of confidential information. I have read these guidelines and my signature above and acknowledgement below indicate that I understand and agree to abide by the above guidelines.​​​​​​