East Campus

New Construction

The new East Campus building looks almost complete on the outside! Masonry wraps almost the entire north façade of the building. New art rooms begin to have cabinets installed, and the new classroom wing has ceilings, light fixtures, and walls going up.
A balcony-level concrete slab overlooks the grand Theater. Scaffolding inside of the theater is up, ready for the curved ceiling of the space to be installed. The unique staircase facing the French Family Center begins to take shape.

West Campus


In the month of April, the brick and stone walls on the outside of the Haggar Center expansion are complete! The façade of Cass Hall is being prepped for its upgrade, and the final interior walls for the expansion are completed. The interior renovations will begin in the summer, after graduation, so students will return in Fall 2021 to a newly renovated Fox Dining Hall.