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2018-2019 SAA Members
2018-2019 SAA Members

The Student Alumnae Association was founded in the Fall of 2014 with the goal of providing a closer relationship between current students and alumnae while also promoting growth and providing leadership opportunities to current students. Each year, the Alumnae Association plans more than 30 events- both on campus and off. More than a third of them require student participation. While all current students are a part of the Student Alumnae Association, active membership is achieved by volunteering for at least two of these events each year.

Congratulations to the following active members.

2018-2019 Officers:
Olivia Hartin, Lauren Horner, Allie Kilduff, Chiamaka Osuagwu, Colleen Parro, Kailas Patel, Kristy Reynolds, Emma Sheumaker, and Sonia Stadler.

Lauren LaBarba

Marta Baker, Peyton Burger, Rachel Cook, Rebekah Davis, Rylee Gumm, Jessica Harrison, Sarah Hui, Valentina Ponce, Annie Price, Sarah Pumphrey, Emily Ray, Destany Sullivan, and Maddie Walton.

Julianne Brodrick, Delia-Rose Constantin, Gigi Fong, Hannah Jenkins, Saahithi Kari, Sara LaBarba, Joy Liu, Aidan McLachlan, Emily Martin, Maci Mitchell, Grace Olden, Maeve Padian, Ainsley Pyle, Nina Ricci, Daniela Santos, Alyssa Schlette, Marcela Toscano, Somto Unini, Savannah Wren, and Jordan Young.

Katharine Bales, Catherine Housson, Molly Johnston, Callie LaValle, Rebecca Loera, and Frances Villar.