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Advocate Role Descriptions

What Is an Ursuline Advocate?

The Ursuline Advocates, a volunteer leadership program, allows any alumnae who wishes to be involved to choose from a variety of roles. Previously known as Class Agents, these alumnae want to stay connected with their class. Please fill out the Ursuline Advocate Registration Form at the bottom of this page to submit your interests.

Regional Advocate

Regional Advocates living in Texas and in cities across the U.S. will help keep other alumnae in their regions up to date on Ursuline happenings. Do you have a gift for event planning? Do you enjoy projects? This role also provides the opportunity for you to be a leader in organizing alumnae events and special projects in your area. (UPWN events, Happy Hours, gatherings, etc.) Regional Advocates will be encouraged to be proactive in finding ways to connect with the alumnae in their region. They will touch base with alumnae in their region, plan a gathering on their own at least once a year, and welcome new alumnae who are moving to their area.

Affinity Advocate

This group of women is responsible for keeping alumnae in their affinity group involved with each other and the students. They should support the girls by collectively supporting their interest (sports, drama, art, etc.) Expectations: Set up a Facebook group for your specific affinity (UA Dallas Soccer, UA Dallas Ambassadors, etc.) and post when events happen (soccer games, Ambassador interviews, NHS induction, etc.) to rally the alumnae to support the students.

Social Media Advocate

Are you savvy with social media? Do you check your feed often through the day? As a Social Media Advocate, you will post about Ursuline alumnae and their successes, re-post Ursuline Alumnae Facebook posts, and also re-tweet.

You’ll be asked to make at least one #ursulinewomen post each month on Facebook (tagging the Alumnae Association), and to share other Ursuline related activities. The goal is to promote the accomplishments and activities of Ursuline alumnae, building better awareness of alumnae contributions on local, regional, and national levels.

Committee Engagement Committee

For many of us, we will never be hit by a tragedy (hurricane, tornado, fire, etc.) but for those alumnae who must deal with these situations, it's a true relief to receive help from your Ursuline Community. If you are interested in helping other alumnae who are facing a natural disaster, your help is greatly appreciated. This group will be charged with communicating with the family in need as well as requesting support from Class Advocates, Regional Advocates, and social Media Advocates when needed.

Ursuline Advocate Registration Form