Meet Our Students

Meet Audrey, Class of 2019

UA Interests: “I love Performing Arts and learning languages. Right now, I’m trying to learn French, Spanish, and German. I can also play the guitar and ukulele.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “I love the community and how everyone is helpful and friendly. I feel like my friends are my sisters, and I know they are always here to help me.”

Meet Isabella, Class of 2019

UA Interests: “I enjoy learning about different languages and cultures around the world, such as French and Spanish. I have the choice to double-track in whatever subjects I am interested in. My favorite subjects include Science, English, World Languages, and Computer Science.”

What I Love about Ursuline: “It's a perfect fit for every girl because there are so many chances to find what you're actually passionate about and dig deeper into your interests. I love having good relationships with my teachers, and I feel comfortable asking for help.”

Meet Jayden, Class of 2018

UA Interests: “The Ursuline soccer team is my second family. We represent Ursuline on and off the field in our traditions, actions, and the way we play. I am always proud to put on my uniform and represent my school.”

What I Love about Ursuline: “Ursuline has provided me with a place that I am so grateful to call my school. I have surrounded myself with friends that lift me up every day. We support each other in the classroom, on the field, and help bring Christ into each other’s life. I am lucky that I will keep these friends and memories the rest of my life.”

Meet Mia, Class of 2019

UA Interests: “I play volleyball, and I’m an Ambassador. I also play games at nursing homes in the Sisters for Seniors Club and write letters for children in hospitals in the You Got Mail Club. I really loved Physics last year, and I love English this year.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “I love the tradition. My mom and aunt went here, and it’s such a loving community. I’ve heard about Intramurals since I was little, and I absolutely love it. It brings the whole school together.”

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