Meet Our Students

Private school girl playing soccer.

Meet Ava, Class of 2020

UA Interests: “I play softball, and I’m an Ursuline Ambassador. I love every minute on the Ursuline softball field because everyone is supportive and 100 percent invested in me. Being an Ambassador has also helped me make connections with students who could be my future classmates.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “I love that I walk into school and can be the best student, friend, and athlete I can be. Everyone wants me to be successful, and I love that I can explore my interests, such as double-tracking in Science, taking different languages, and participating in different clubs. The opportunities are endless.”

Private school girl performing lab experiment.

Meet Caroline, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “Lacrosse has brought me closer to people who have made a huge impact in my life. I also created my own student club. My Creativity Club allows students to showcase their thoughts and diversity through poetry and music.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “The Ursuline community is a community open to anyone. I love making friends with classmates who have different interests and opinions than my own. It’s awesome to see the talent and passion of every girl who attends this school.”



Girl learning languages at private school.

Meet Grace, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “Through Ursuline’s Global Relationships and Cultural Exchange Program, I have traveled to Taiwan and hosted students from different countries. I learned so much about different cultures and made lifelong connections. I also run cross country and enjoy learning Chinese.”

What I Love about Ursuline: “I’ve loved learning about cultures around the world. At Ursuline, there are opportunities for every interest and skillset that will benefit everyone in their own way. Ursuline is one big family that works together to ensure all its members succeed.”

Ursuline academy student of 2021 class.

Meet Katelinn, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “I play basketball and volleyball at Ursuline. I also enjoy being able to take time for my favorite hobbies — art and horseback riding.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “Ursuline is an extremely supportive community. The school has helped me be more confident, and I have also found new passions. I love being part of a team atmosphere.”

Ursuline academy of Dallas cheerleader.

Meet Sarah, Class of 2020

UA Interests: “I’m an Ursuline Ambassador and Jesuit cheerleader. Since I’m a very outgoing person and enjoy meeting new people, these two organizations are a perfect fit for me. They allow me to meet prospective families, new and current students, faculty, and alumnae.”

What I love about Ursuline: “I enjoy cheering on Jesuit, our brother school, at their sporting events. I also love Ursuline’s many opportunities for leadership growth, and the support and encouragement I receive from my classmates and teachers.”

Ursuline academy of Dallas student.

Meet Tess, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “I love being part of Ursuline’s Performing Arts, Theatre, and Jazz Choir. These activities provide a warm, welcoming, and safe place for me to discover who I am and who I want to be.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “Ursuline is so deeply enriched in tradition. Intramurals is one of my favorite traditions because you bond with your class over school spirit. At Ursuline, there really is something for everyone. There is no place I would rather be.”

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