Meet Our Students

Private school girl playing soccer.

Meet Addy, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “I’ve played soccer since I was 3 years old, and Ursuline’s storied soccer program has been very inviting and fun. My team is extremely supportive, and I can’t wait to start the new season.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “I’m so grateful to call Ursuline my school. My classmates — friends I will keep the rest of my life — lift me up every day. We help bring Christ into each other’s life and support each other in the classroom and on the field.”

Private school girl performing lab experiment.

Meet Ireland, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “I enjoy Physics because every problem has a solution. I also love playing basketball and softball for Ursuline. Both of my teams are my second family.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “At Ursuline, everyone is on your team and is there for you. Everyone supports you in everything you do. I’ve created lifelong friendships and memories I will never forget.”

Girl learning languages at private school.

Meet Jenna, Class of 2020

UA Interests: “Ursuline’s World Languages Department is amazing. I spent two weeks in Morocco learning Arabic and Arabic culture. I’m excited to take Arabic all four years at Ursuline. My other favorite subjects are English and Science.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “I have so many opportunities to find my place at Ursuline because of the wide variety of clubs, sports, and classes offered. The teachers are invested in my success, and the relationships I’ve made here will last a lifetime.”

Ursuline academy student of 2021 class.

Meet Megan, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “I’m very grateful for the friendships I have made through my favorite sport — basketball. I also love leading my school through our Student Well-Being Leadership Team.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “It can be rare to see a bond between different grade levels, but at Ursuline, it’s normal. My classmates are like sisters to me. I know they will be in my life forever, and I am so thankful for their friendships.”

Ursuline academy of Dallas cheerleader.

Meet Savannah, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “I participate in many Ursuline’s clubs and enjoy performing with the Jesuit Rangerettes. The Rangerettes are definitely my second family.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “There is something for everyone here. The teachers genuinely care about me and do their best to help me succeed in everything I do. I always feel comfortable asking for help, and I can always express myself in the classroom.”

Ursuline academy of Dallas student.

Meet Somto, Class of 2021

UA Interests: “I love volunteering with my fellow Student Council members, and I’m also part of the choir. I can’t wait for our trip to Rome. My favorite Ursuline club is the African American Association, and I was recently inducted into the Spanish Honor Society.”

What I Love About Ursuline: “I love to learn (Physics is my favorite class), and I love the sense of community. My classmates are my friends, my biggest supporters, and most importantly, my sisters. They make Ursuline feel like my home away from home.”

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