Class of 2026

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The number of qualified students in the applicant pool for 2022-2023 exceeded the number of available spaces for new students. Ursuline Academy received more than 400 applications across grade levels. Traditionally, each freshmen class size consists of approximately 220 students. In the fall of 2022, we proudly welcomed more than 220 girls, hailing from 58 unique schools. 70% of the Class of 2026 is of the Catholic faith, and 30% are students of color.

Ursuline Academy welcomed more than 220 girls hailing from 58 unique schools for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Admission Committee

Every application is separately reviewed by a minimum of four members of the Admission Committee. Committee members include an Ursuline Sister, the Principal, the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management, the Director of Community & Inclusion, the Dean of Academics, the Dean of Students, the Director of Athletics, three faculty members, a personal counselor, a college counselor, and an alumna. The committee then meets to discuss individual files and make decisions on admission.

Comprehensive Evaluation Process

The overall evaluation process is qualitative and based on a comprehensive consideration of each applicant. No scoring or point system is used, nor are candidates ranked for admission purposes. Each applicant’s evaluation is based on her academic transcript, teacher recommendations, entrance test scores and essay, written application, parent statement, and personal interview.

Scholastic Ability and Preparation

Test scores are evaluated in the context of a student’s overall academic record. Ursuline requires the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), a test administered by Educational Records Bureau and used by private college preparatory schools nationwide.

Students who take the ISEE are a highly competitive, self-selected national population who typically perform very well on examinations.

Average scores of Ursuline’s accepted students for 2022-2023 are as follows:

ISEE Test Section Average Percentile Rank Stanine

Verbal Reasoning


54% 5

Reading Comprehension


68% 6

Quantitative Reasoning


39% 4

Mathematics Achievement


42% 4

Commitment to Catholic Education

Ursuline Academy is a Catholic college preparatory school and qualified students of Catholic faith are given priority consideration in the admission process. Consideration is also given to applicants who have attended parochial schools, as well as those with family members who are current students and/or Ursuline Academy graduates, as these factors are representative of a family commitment to Catholic education.

Student Character and Involvement

Assessments of personal character and integrity are key factors in the applicant review process. Teacher evaluations, attendance record, essays, the optional recommendation, and the admission interview all provide a broader perspective of the activities, values, behavior, and other qualities of individual students. A well-rounded balance of activities — academic, church and community, as well as extracurricular — is also valued in the evaluation of prospective students.


Community and Student Body Diversity

Consistent with its mission, Ursuline Academy seeks to provide opportunity and a welcoming environment for students of widely varied ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The composition of the Ursuline Academy student body reflects the diverse population of the Dallas metropolitan area and the Diocese of Dallas.

Students of color represent 32% of accepted freshmen for 2022-2023.

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