Technology Infrastructure

Ways in which Ursuline’s technology infrastructure facilitates innovative applications for student learning and supports the operations of the school:

1GB Up/Down Fiber Internet Connection
At maximum utilization, Ursuline’s Internet connection is roughly 30% utilized. A 1GB ceiling gives the Academy many more Internet-facing connections than currently used by students and employees, providing capacity for both one-off situations as well as future growth and expansion.

10GB Network Backbone
A 10GB backbone gives Ursuline better-than-industry standard LAN connectivity to the Academy’s internal infrastructure and external resources.

Highly Virtualized and Redundant Server Infrastructure
Utilizing the latest virtual technologies allows Ursuline to quickly adjust and accommodate infrastructure workloads for both testing new technologies as well as implementing new solutions with minimal impact and lead time.

Redundant Server Rooms
Ensures Ursuline’s infrastructure remains live in the event of a localized environmental catastrophe or equipment failure.

Backups Run Every 2 Hours, Replicated to Offsite Datacenter
Ensures data integrity and ability to restore from corruption in a timely manner.

24/7/365 Uptime Monitoring and Response
Allows Ursuline to proactively identify infrastructure issues at all hours of the day and respond accordingly minimizes potential impact to Academy systems availability.

Redundant Wireless Controllers
Ensures that Ursuline’s wireless infrastructure remains online in the event of a localized environmental catastrophe or equipment failure.

100 Wireless a/b/g Access Points (Servicing ~2000 Connections)
Provides full wireless coverage across campus and the ability to make adjustments to equipment location to avoid over-saturation issues.