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Ursuline Academy is a school with a technology focus. It embodies this focus through the meaningful integration of technology into the academic curriculum and in the active shaping of its students as digital citizens. Students and employees are educated in the appropriate use of technology and principles of responsible digital citizenship are reinforced through school policies.

With a strong commitment to technology training for all teachers, Ursuline encourages creative and innovative uses of digital resources in the classroom.

Faculty across all disciplines engage in ongoing professional development to learn how ever-evolving technology resources can be used in ways which strengthen the student educational experience.

A wide range of technological tools are used at Ursuline to foster individualized skill development, student learning, and more effective assessments. Included, for example, are 3D printers, Blackboard's Collaborative Ultra, language labs, Office 365, Web 2.0 tools, scientific logging hardware and software, computer programming authoring tools, publication software for the student newspaper and literary magazine, and library research resources.

Teachers also use technology to support their pedagogical approaches. Examples include the use of Story Remix, a video production and editing tool, and YouTube together with our learning management system to facilitate blended learning environments. Teachers have the freedom to explore different technologies to find those with which they are most comfortable and may use most effectively, and students have a wider range of technology-based learning techniques made available to them. In addition, all teachers participate in Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Certification.


Anne Robertson

Director of Technology

Shanna Housley

Technical Project Manager

As one of the first schools in the country to implement a 1:1 laptop program (1996), Ursuline was named a 1998 Laureate as an "innovative user of information technology" by The Computerworld Smithsonian Awards. The technology program was also recognized as a Selected Program for Improving Catholic Education at the 1999 SPICE Symposium, sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association.