Digital Girl

At Ursuline, every student learns how to code.

Because technology is limitless, so is imagination, and the Academy's Computer Science Department keeps each student on the cutting edge.

Ursuline requires a year of computer science to graduate, and emphasis continues to be on programming. Students learn Java in multiple classes.

They use four 3D printers and Rasberry Pi, a mini-computer featured in Introduction to Computer Science classes. Student create their own smartphone apps, and get to understand computers at the basic level with arduino boards in Introduction to Digital Applications class. Webpage Design and Development class teaches Bootstrap, a popular web development framework.

Angela Montemayor and Maria Tracy, both 2016 graduates, started Ursuline’s Computer Science Club, and students continually compete in all-female programming competitions today.

Student editing image on computer.

"Ursuline allows us to drive our own curriculum and try new ideas. In class, we want programming, but also critical thinking and design. Computer Science offers open-ended problems, and that's what our students will face in the real world.”

Eve Juarez, Computer Science Department Chair

Enthusiasm and Knowledge

Ursuline educators show enthusiasm and knowledge about their subject by:

  • Pursuing academic depth while fostering a deep connection to Serviam within a global society
  • Teaching with both passion and creativity
  • Incorporating innovations from their own and other disciplines
  • Creating a culture of high expectations for themselves and their students

May you sustain and carry out vigorously and faithfully the charge laid upon you.
— St. Angela’s Prologue to the Counsels

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