Innovative Learning

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Living in the center of tradition and innovation is a defining characteristic of Ursuline education.

The Academy continually strives to improve, both as an educational institution and as a center of culture and faith.

Always looking to the future, creating classrooms for tomorrow is a priority in Ursuline’s Strategic Roadmap. The most effective approaches to teaching and learning in the 21st century put the student at the very center.

Most important are the dedicated, talented faculty who are mission-congruent, embrace innovation with a growth mindset, engage in personalized learning, and stay open to new approaches.

Explore Innovative Learning at Ursuline:

Enthusiasm and Knowledge

Ursuline educators show enthusiasm and knowledge about their subject by:

  • Pursuing academic depth while fostering a deep connection to Serviam within a global society
  • Teaching with both passion and creativity
  • Incorporating innovations from their own and other disciplines
  • Creating a culture of high expectations for themselves and their students

May you sustain and carry out vigorously and faithfully the charge laid upon you.
— St. Angela’s Prologue to the Counsels


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